The Last Guardian Will Be Even Better On PlayStation 4 Pro

The Last Guardian will be getting an upgraded version for the PlayStation 4 Pro once it launches later this year. This is just one of many games that are upgrading to make use of the extra power that the PlayStation 4 Pro offers.

Eurogamer mentions that the game will be upscaled to 4K and have HDR support on the console, along with a few “minor” performance improvements for 1080p gaming. It is good to see that developers are jumping on board with the PlayStation 4 Pro and are enjoying the extra power they get with the upgraded console.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is available now and offers a few nice improvements on the PlayStation 4. The upgraded console offers an improved GPU and CPU, as well as support for 4K resolutions.

While The Last Guardian may have been hit by a few delays, it is finally almost here. The Last Guardian is set to launch December 6th exclusively for the PlayStation 4.


SOURCE: Eurogamer