The Many Faces of Cosplay: Becoming Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online


When we first met Asuna Yuuki in the second episode of popular anime, Sword Art Online, we got an impression of her that was nothing short of untrue to who she really is.  We saw a person who was shy, closed off, and generally kept to herself, trying only to survive while trapped inside the “death game” MMO, Sword Art Online.  Throughout the course of the series though, Asuna evolved completely.  She broke out of her shell and became the frontwoman in Sword Art Online’s most prestigious guild, Knights of the Blood Oath.  We also saw how fully capable she is of becoming completely selfless as she falls in love with Kirito and even lays her life on the line for him.

Not only did Asuna’s personality go through multiple changes, but we also see her in various outfits, making her the perfect candidate for multiple cosplay variations.  The one that she is most well-known for, however, is her standard Sword Art Online Knights of the Blood Oath variation.

asuna-cosplay-1Cosplayer: frosel

Later on during the series, we find out that not only that Asuna beautiful and ridiculously powerful on the battlefield, we also find out that her Cooking skill is completely maxed out, making her one of the greatest chefs in the game.  When Kirito finds a high-level food item that only Asuna can cook, she prepares them a meal in an outfit that is absolutely adorable.

asuna-cosplay-4Cosplayer: angie0-0

As the series ventures forth from Sword Art Online into ALfeim Online, we find Asuna equipped in a flowy garment which shows a little more skin than her original Knights of the Blood Oath garb.  Asuna’s ALfheim Online outfit is beyond beautiful and it is no wonder why cosplayers would want to create this themselves.

asuna-cosplay-3Cosplayer: NanaKuronoma

If you are fully caught up and onto season two of Sword Art Online, you will know of Asuna’s complete ALO transformation.  Her color scheme has completely changed, choosing to dawn a blue and white theme paired with bright blue hair.  While this look is widely different, Asuna still maintains true to her essence with her same hairstyle that she has always sported since the beginning.

asuna-cosplay-2Cosplayer: an0riel

Sword Art Online continues to grow in popularity as it floods its content into the anime, video game, and manga markets.  It is easily becoming one of the most popular animes out right now, and that is partly because of the bold and beautiful Asuna.  If you have not yet seen Sword Art Online, be sure to check it out on Netflix and Crunchyroll!






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