The Shenmue Series May Be Getting An HD Remaster

With Shenmue III successfully being funded on Kickstarter, fans have been very eager for a chance to sink their teeth into the first two games that made a great franchise. While Sega mentioned they would consider it, everything has been silent since. However, it appears that an HD remaster of the first two Shenmue games may finally be happening.

The European branch of Sega has registered a few domain names that make it seem like Shenmue is finally getting remastered. Sega registered the domain names ‘’ and ‘’ This is certainly a good sign that something is going to happen with the Shenmue series.

This move would certainly make a lot of sense for Sega. With Shenmue III finally being worked on, and the first two games in the series being over a decade old, it would make sense for them to remaster the games for this new generation of gamers so everyone can get caught up on the story before the third game is released.


SOURCE: TSSZ News (via Gemastsu)




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