The Sky Is Falling With The New Meteor Shower Mod In Grand Theft Auto V

Survive a devastating onslaught of meteors falling from the skies with this new meteor shower mod for Grand Theft Auto V. Los Santos suffers from some freak weather with this new crazy mod, which you can see for yourself in the video below. See how long you can survive in this apocalyptic event as you traverse the city while avoiding certain death from above.

The mod is pretty simple to install and comes in three presets in the mod menu. The presets control the level of meteorite danger from easy all the way up to close impacts. You can download the Meteor Rain Mode by Julunib over at gtaxscripting in the link provided. You link provides detailed instructions on how to run the mod along with the information on what else you would need to make it run on your PC. The mod has been available since November, but recently has gained popularity when popular YouTuber BasslockPlays posted a fun Let’s Play video on their YouTube site.







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