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“The Vampire Diaries” Season 4, Episode 20 “The Originals” Review

This week’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries” took us out of Mystic Falls and into New Orleans as we follow Klaus in his search for the witch that is supposedly plotting against him. The episode this week is intended to be a backdoor pilot for the potential “The Originals” spinoff show that would take Klaus, Elijah, and assumingly Rebekah out of Mystic Falls and into New Orleans. At the end of last week’s episode, Katherine sent Klaus a warning that a witch in New Orleans would become a threat to Klaus, and thus this week he left the Silas dilemma in Mystic Falls and went hunting for this witch.

The episode begins with the Salvatore brothers discussing when they believe Elena will start having human feelings again. Thus far they tried starving her for three days but to no avail. Suddenly Katherine shows up and they comment on how gutsy she is to show up in Mystic Falls because Klaus is in town. Katherine lets Damon and Stefan know Klaus left town to go to New Orleans.

Meanwhile, Hayley is in New Orleans at a bar where she is talking about her family with a girl named Jane-Anne. Jane-Anne explains that werewolves like Hayley were driven out of New Orleans years ago, but she can find out more about her family history in the Bayou. Hayley leaves the bar to head out to the Bayou, and Jane-Anne takes some fallen hair from Hayley. We find out that she and her sister, Sophie, are witches and they proceed to use Hayley’s fallen hair to cast a spell on Hayley as she drives out to the country. While driving, Hayley’s car breaks down, and when she gets out of the car to call for help, the magic overcomes her and she passes out. Suddenly Jane-Anne arrives with some other witches and they take Hayley away.

Klaus arrives in New Orleans and asks a local woman if she knows where he can find a witch named Jane-Anne. The women tells Klaus she does not know a witch named Jane-Anne. Klaus proceeds to ask the woman if she knows where he can find Marcel; the woman points Klaus to a bar. Once arriving in the bar, Klaus find Marcel and fondly greets him. We learn that Klaus was Marcel’s mentor before he and the rest of the Originals had to flee New Orleans.

While visiting Marcel, Klaus notices Marcel and his friends are able to walk in the daylight; Marcel tells Klaus he has the witches in New Orleans wrapped around his finger and they created daylight rings for some of the vampires. Knowing Marcel is close with the witches in New Orleans, Klaus asks Marcus if he knows Jane-Anne. Marcel has Klaus follow him, and they find Jane-Anne. The two vampires interrogate Jane-Anne, and when she refuses to tell them about her plans for Klaus, Marcel kills her. Klaus is furious that Marcel killed Jane-Anne, but Marcel explains to Klaus that witches are not allowed to perform magic in New Orleans and thus Jane-Anne needed to die.

After Jane-Anne has died, Klaus leaves Marcel to find Sophie. He finds Sophie in a bar, but she refuses to tell Klaus anything because she explains New Orleans is Marcel’s town now and she must follow his rules. Klaus notices he was followed into the bar by two of Marcel’s henchmen, and Klaus tells them to stop following him. Sophie goes outside to grieve for her dead sister, and Marcel’s henchmen follow her and accuse her of doing witchcraft. As the two vampires antagonize Sophie, Elijah shows up and suddenly kills both of the men. Elijah tells Sophie he wants to know what Sophie’s family wants with Klaus.

Furious he was followed, Klaus finds Marcel and questions why Marcel does not trust him. Marcel explains that while Klaus may have founded New Orleans, the city is Marcel’s. Klaus does not take this statement of force lightly, turns into his vampire-werewolf self, and bites one of Marcel’s men to show how powerful he is. Klaus leaves Marcel’s headquarters while the vampire he bit to slowly dies from his werewolf bite.

Eventually Elijah finds Klaus in the city and tells Klaus he knows what the witches want with Klaus. Elijah brings Klaus to Sophie somewhere in the wilderness. Sophie explains that Marcel has gone crazy and is uncontrollable. The witches want Klaus to help them stop Marcel from controlling New Orleans. Klaus laughs and disregards their request because he does not see any reason to help these witches. Suddenly Hayley arrives and Sophie reveals she knows Hayley is pregnant with Klaus’ baby. Klaus does not believe the baby is his because vampires cannot procreate, but Sophie points out Klaus was originally a werewolf and only a vampire due to his mother’s magic; since he and Hayley slept together, they were able to create a child. Hayley tells Klaus the witches believe the baby is a miracle child, and she tells Klaus if he doesn’t help the witches they will kill her and the baby. Klaus does not want to believe what the witches are telling her and as he leaves the scene he tells Elijah to kill Hayley and the baby.

Back in the city, Elijah finds Klaus and tries to talk some sense into him. Elijah explains all their siblings have ever wanted was a family, and now they have a chance to build a family in New Orleans with Hayley’s baby. After contemplating what Elijah says, Klaus explains he wants what Marcel has in New Orleans; power, loyalty and family. Basically alluding he wants to take back control of New Orleans, Klaus slyly goes to Marcel and to make peace with Marcel and his vampires by healing the vampire he bit.

Back in Mystic Falls, Elijah tries to convince Rebekah to move to New Orleans. She refuses because she is still vying for the cure. She tells Elijah she is tired of living her life for Klaus because she never gets anything in return and does not want to live under his constant threats. Elijah tries to appeal to Rebekah’s desire to be human by pointing out they can raise a family as humans do, but she doesn’t listen. Once Rebekah leaves, Katherine arrives and tries to convince Elijah not to move to New Orleans. She wants the two of them to start a new life together free of Klaus. Elijah refuses and leaves Katherine.

We end the episode back at the Salvatore mansion. Damon brings Elena some blood, but as she starts to drink it she spits it out because it is laced with virvain. She tells Damon and Stefan she is ready to play their torture game, and challenges the brothers to see who will crack first.

All in all, this week’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries” was decent. The backdoor pilot for the potential new “The Originals” show seems like it has potential and the setting in New Orleans would be perfect for this new show. I was taken aback by the werewolf pregnancy storyline as that plot seems a little melodramatic even for a teenage vampire show, but the Originals desire to start over with a family is admirable and could lead to many interesting storylines. One complaint about this new show is that Klaus is not being portrayed as the vicious, terrifying vampire he was introduced as. When we first met Klaus in season two, every vampire on the show was terrified of him and his reputation of being purely evil was well known. The Klaus that went to New Orleans was not nearly as intimidating or threatening as he was first introduced; none of the vampires in New Orleans cowered in his presence. The best part of Klaus’ character is he is truly vicious, but he is also conflicted and a bit of a romantic. The Klaus portrayed in this episode and throughout this season of The Vampire Diaries is simply conflicted. We believe if they try to start true to the Klaus we were initially introduced to, the Originals show would be very compelling to watch.


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