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Man Shoots Girlfriend Over Fight About The Walking Dead

If you thought you got into heated arguments with your significant other, think again. Monday night, a couple got into a steamy argument about the hit television show The Walking Dead, which led to Jared Gurman shooting his girlfriend, Jessica Gelderman in the back.

The couple, who were together more than 3 years, began to argue about how the show’s apocalyptic setting took place and stated that it happened because of some military accident. She did not agree and wasn’t shy about letting him know how ridiculous his opinion was and that’s when things escalated quickly. When the tensions became too much, Gelderman left his apartment to stay with her parents but returned later to try and resolve things after the fighting continued via text messaging.

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Gurman was waiting on the stairs with a .22 rifle and told her to leave. She attempted to calm him down and he fired a bullet, piercing her lung and diaphragm. She managed to mutter “Oh my god, what did you do?” before he rushed her to the hospital, claiming it was an accident. He was soon apprehended and arraigned on one count of second degree attempted murder. Gelderman is in stable condition with the bullet still lodged in her body.

When The Walking Dead comes back in February, make sure to keep the opinions friendly and make sure your significant other isn’t packing heat unless the zombie apocalypse is right outside you door.



Written by Guest Contributor: missvalentine



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