The Walking Dead Season 1 Recap in a Nutshell

“The Walking Dead” in a Nutshell: Season 1

Excited about the “Walking Dead” Mid-Season premiere this Sunday? So are we! When the hit AMC show invaded the air space, it was pretty clear that this was going to be one of the most popular shows on television, skyrocketing AMC viewership. In honor of its return, we are recapping the past two seasons for you, beginning with the season that started it all.

Here, in a nutshell, is a complete summary of everything you missed on “The Walking Dead”, Season 1. Be warned that this is filled to the brim with spoilers, so read at your own risk!


The Walking Dead Season 1 Recap:

“The Walking Dead” starts off with Rick Grimes and Shane Walsh, best friends since high school and partners on the police squad of a small town. After a crazy shootout with some armed criminals, Rick is shot and falls into a coma. Rick’s in this coma for an undetermined amount of time but while he’s in deep sleep, the world goes crazy (putting it mildly). Zombies (commonly referred as Walkers or Geeks in the show) have inhabited everything and the rate of survival is near extinct. He wakes up completely alone inside the hospital where he quickly discovers that there is obviously something horrible going on. After not finding his wife and child, Rick encounters Morgan and Duane, father and son and lucky survivors of the zombie apocalypse. This is where Morgan catches Rick up the worldwide events and mentions that Atlanta has a Center for Disease Control and that his family probably traveled there (after some major doubts about them even being alive).

The Walking Dead Season 1 Rick at Hospital

Rick decides it’s his best bet to head towards Atlanta, not knowing at all that the city is street to street infested with Walkers. He runs out of gas and takes a horse he finds deep into the streets of Atlanta. The horse freaks out and drops Rick, along with the bag of guns he was bringing with him. The horse suffers a pretty nasty fate but Rick manages to escape with the help of Glenn, fellow apocalypse survivor. Glenn is scavenging the city with a small group to provide supplies for a camp they’ve set up outside of Atlanta. Unbeknownst to Rick, his wife Lori and his son Carl are at this camp along with Rick’s BFF Shane. It’s pretty obvious that there’s something going on with Shane and Lori but that’s because she believes her husband to be dead.

The Walking Dead Season 1 Rick in Atlanta

Rick’s arrival in Atlanta creates some trouble for the scavengers but they manage to create a diversion to escape the city. Left behind is Merle Dixon, whose racist antics get him handcuffed to a pipe by Officer Rick. T-Dogg, the man who Merle was not so nice to, drops the key that could set him free but doesn’t quite leave him to die. T-Dogg chains the door so that Walkers can’t get in. The predominant members of the group are Shane, Lori, Carl, Dale, Carol, Sophia, T-Dogg, Jacqui, Andrea, Amy, and Daryl. This might seem like a lot of names to remember but this guide should explain itself as it unravels. Rick is reunited with his family back at camp which causes tension between Lori and Shane. Rick and the group tell Daryl, Merle’s brother, why they had to leave Merle behind; because he was a danger to everyone. Daryl doesn’t take this well and decides that he has to go after Merle and some of the group tags along, including Rick, Glenn, and T-Dogg.

Merle Roof Walking Dead

Once they get back into the city, Merle is gone but has left behind his hand, cutting it off so that he could escape. Since Merle is gone and nowhere to be found, the group attempts to get the guns that were left behind. Their plan goes haywire with Glenn being kidnapped but not before the group takes a member of the opposition. Rick tries to negotiate and you’d think there would be this big standoff but you’d be wrong: these violent looking vatos are just caring for the elderly that was left behind. The camp gets attacked while Rick and the others are away but they manage to arrive to help out a miniscule amount. Amy is bitten and is taken out by her sister, Andrea, before she does any harm.

The Walking Dead Season 1 Andrea and Amy

The camp is downsized to a few but they make the decision to try and continue onto the CDC. Once there, the only person alive is Edwin Jenner, former scientist who is still looking for a cure that’ll save everyone. He offers food, hot showers, and shelter for the group and explains his research and his desperation to find the cure. There’s a countdown that Dale points out which Jenner explains as the countdown until the power in the facility is gone and the facility goes up in flames. Jenner locks them in at first, explaining that this is an easier, and more justifiable way to die but eventually lets them go. Jenner pulls Rick aside an whispers something inaudible to the audience. Jacqui elects to stay behind as does Andrea, who’s been terribly depressed after the death of her sister. Dale, who has grown close to Andrea, stays behind and uses guilt to finally convince Andrea to come with him. They manage to escape the building before impact and head off with Rick and the others to an unknown destination.

The Walking Dead Season 1 Survivors

Ready for more? Check out “The Walking Dead” in a Nutshell: Season 2. “The Walking Dead” returns with its mid season premiere Sunday, February 10th on AMC. For recaps of season 3 so far, check out our “Walking Dead” reviews.




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