The Walking Dead in a Nutshell Season 2

“The Walking Dead” in a Nutshell: Season 2

Have you just recently discovered the awesomeness that is “The Walking Dead”? Are you a die-hard fan, and want to relive your favorite moments from the past two years? To celebrate the mid-season premiere of Season 3, we are recapping the first two seasons for you.

Here, in a nutshell, is a complete summary of everything you missed on “The Walking Dead”, Season 2. Be warned that this is filled to the brim with spoilers, so read at your own risk! To start at the very beginning, check out “The Walking Dead” in a Nutshell: Season 1.


“The Walking Dead” Season 2 Recap

At the start of season 2, months have passed since the incident at the CDC. By elimination, the survivors feel that Fort Benning is their next best bet (because the CDC situation worked out so great right?). They encounter a huge car jam and decide to scavenge the cars for supplies and gas. The victory of finding supplies is short lived when a herd of walkers passes them. We’re talking dozens beyond dozens of walkers that even the Army couldn’t take out. The group hides under various cars and waits for the herd to pass. Thinking she is safe, Sophia (Carol’s daughter) crawls out from under the car and is noticed by walkers. She runs into the woods to escape and Rick runs after her. They briefly meet up and Rick tells her to hide while he distracts the walkers. Sophia doesn’t really listen to Rick’s instruction and becomes lost. Sophia’s disappearance becomes a major story line of season 2.

Walking Dead Season 2 Survivors

As Rick, Shane, and Carl are out searching the woods, Carl is shot by a hunter named Otis. Otis currently resides on a nearby farm and tells them the owner has medical experience (he’s a veterinarian…go figure). Rick hurriedly runs Carl to the man’s farm and Hershel and his family are introduced. Carl is unconscious and the only way he will be able to survive is with medical supplies which Shane and Otis volunteer to go after. Hershel’s daughter Maggie rides a horse to find Lori and tells her that she’ll take her to the farm and directs the others to follow suit. Shane and Otis infiltrate a local FEMA shelter by the high school. They get the supplies but are quickly overrun. Shane shoots Otis in the leg and sacrifices him so that he’ll get the supplies back to the farm. Hershel manages to save Carl’s life and allows Rick and the group to stay on the farm while he’s recuperating.

Walking Dead Season 2 Rick Carl

The group and Hershel’s family almost live in harmony but Hershel keeps a huge secret from Rick and the group: he’s keeping walkers in the barn. We find this out after Glenn and Maggie try to find a place to hook up. That’s right…”hook up”. Hershel’s reasoning behind keeping the walkers alive is that he believes that they’re just sick, not dead. Shane, who’s unreciprocated feelings for Lori have led him to be irrational and illogical, frees the walkers from the barn and shoots every last one of them down, including some of Hershel’s zombified family. Sophia emerges from the barn as a walker and Rick puts her out of her misery. This causes both her mother (Carol) and Daryl to become withdrawn from the group.

Walking Dead Season 2 Sophia

By this time, everyone knows that Lori is pregnant, but they are all unsure who the father is: Rick or Shane. Hershel orders them off his farm and disappears into the local town bar to drink his sorrows away. Rick and Glenn go after him and try to convince him to come back to the farm. While in the bar, two survivors enter and seem chummy until they draw weapons. Rick’s reflexes are way more honed and he ends up killing both of the gunmen. The gunmens’ group’s attention is triggered and a shootout ensues. All the gunshots draw a herd of walkers. The enemy group retreats but not before leaving one of their members (Randall) behind to die. Rick, having a good heart, can’t leave the poor boy to be savagely eaten and takes him back to the farm, blindfolded. With the location of the farm in jeopardy, the group tries to decide how to handle the situation with Randall: euthanize him or set him free somewhere far away from the farm. Dale is the only one who votes against the execution.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Randall

Dale is wounded by a walker to the point of no recovery and Daryl compassionately kills him. Shane lets Randall free under false pretenses and kills him out in the woods. He does so to try and get Rick alone to finally finish him off, the one man who hinders his authority over the group. Daryl and Glenn find Randall’s walker self and take him out and Daryl’s forensically inclined skills show that he died from neck trauma, not a bite. Rick and Shane finally have a show down with Rick being the victor. Shane soon reanimates and Carl shoots him in the head.

Walking Dead Season 2 Farm

The gunshots attract another herd to the farm in quickly becomes overrun. Andrea becomes separated from the group and is saved by a mysterious figure. The survivors of the zombie attack are Rick, Lori, Carl, Hershel, Beth, Maggie, Glenn, Daryl, Carol, and T-Dogg. With barely any supplies and no gas, they set up camp at the highway where the season started. Out of frustration with how the group doubts him, he finally confesses what Jenner told him back at the CDC: everyone is infected. No matter how you die, you will come back as a walker. The season finale of season two showed a huge shift in Rick’s role. He’s gone from democratic authoritarian to dictator. With everyone still looking at him as their protector and guide, a large prison is seen in the background.

Feel caught up? That’s wonderful, because “The Walking Dead” returns with its mid season premiere Sunday, February 10th on AMC. For recaps of season 3 so far, check out our “Walking Dead” reviews.


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