The Walking Dead S4 E4 Recap: Indifference

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 4 Recap: “Indifference”

Warning: Full spoilers ahead!

The dynamic of the group is changing on the hit television show The Walking Dead. What used to be a tight system with close members has turned into who’s sick and who isn’t, while others have become a danger to the sick. In episode 4, “Indifference”, we also say goodbye to a Walking Dead alum who has been around since season one, and who has gone through a complete personality change.

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This week’s episode starts off with Rick tending to his hurt hand after his quarrel with Tyreese last week. It then quickly cuts to Carol staring at a knife, when Lizzy knocks on the glass that separates them. She tells the little one that she’s going on a run with Rick. Lizzy asks if Daryl is dead, but Carol quickly tells her no and that the other group went farther away so it’ll be awhile before they get back with the medicine. Lizzy then tells Carol that people are going to die because “that’s what happens”. She says it’s nice because they get to come back and, as Carol tries to explain that they aren’t the same people anymore, Lizzy is sure it’s better to come back as a walker than nothing. Rick prepares for the run they are about to make while Carol basically hypes up Lizzy to kill if the need arises.

The stranded crew regroups and Tyreese is stubborn about moving, seeing as he thinks most of the sick are already dead. Eventually, they continue on and Daryl continues to give Michonne a hard time about always leaving. The group comes across a vehicle, which Daryl attempts to hotwire and fails. They pull shrubbery off a building to see what they are dealing with and Tyreese continues to go macho. Walkers start pouring out of the shrubs and the group dispatches them while Tyreese holds onto one. It isn’t until his life is in danger that the group finally does something. They wander inside the building to look for whatever is useful, including a car battery. Michonne scolds Tyreese about the walker and they start talking about the Governor. Michonne talks about how she was angry but she doesn’t let anger effect her judgment. Daryl asks Bob about the group he was with before. Bob says he use to drink just to shut his eyes and talks about picking up the bottle on the other run. Daryl doesn’t say much about Bob’s guilt over getting Zack killed and tells him to try and get the car started, which happens.

They get to the veterinarian college and start gathering supplies very quickly. Bob uses his medical knowledge to help gather what they need, and they find everything Hershel asked for. They go to leave and walkers start flooding into the halls. The group manages to hide and head towards some stairs when walkers break up the party. They take high ground, and Bob’s bag is almost lost. Daryl finds that the bag had booze in it and is quick to hurt him when Tyreese tells him he’s made his choice. Daryl resists beating the crap out of Bob, but is quick to threaten him. Michonne talks to Daryl about going after the Governor and tells him that she isn’t going to search for him anymore.

Carol and Rick start the journey to find the others and Carol notes that Maggie wanted to come. Carol knows that Rick doesn’t trust her anymore after she killed Karen and David. She is adamant about how she tried to save lives by eliminating the threats but Rick doesn’t say much one way or another. They stop in a little neighborhood and he tells Carol to get out only to get medicine and food. Carol keeps lookout while Rick searches a house, when a walker stumbles down the stairs. Rick pulls Carol back from the stairs, and she stabs the walker in the head. They come across a couple who offer them food. Carol patches up the boy who fell through glass and has a dislocated shoulder. She pops it right back into place while they explain they were separated from a camp. Rick tests them and they pass and are allowed to come back to the prison. They both offer to help while they’re in the neighborhood and, while Rick keeps telling them no, he finally accepts.

Rick and Carol keep searching when Rick asks if it was right to bring the kids back. Carol thinks it was right as long as they’re strong enough to help. Carol finally brings up about her killing Karen and David and then she brings up Shane. While Rick killed Shane in self defense, Carol says he needs to just accept what she did, even if he doesn’t like it. Rick questions her on how she knew about resetting a dislocated arm and her abusive past is brought back up. She talks about Ed being charming when he wasn’t being abusive and continuously calls herself stupid for being with him. Rick talks about Lori and how sometimes he still thinks she’s still alive. Soon, they find a fruit trail that leads them to the girl they encountered being eaten by walkers. Rick finally breaks his silence about Carol murdering Karen and David and he says it wasn’t her call. Carol continues to say that she did the right thing and that she stepped up but Rick isn’t having any of it. Rick basically says that he wants Carol to leave the prison and she wants to take the girls with her but Rick says that the group will protect them. They load up a separate car and Carol gives Rick a watch that Ed gave her on their first anniversary. Carol takes off in the other car as the episode comes to an end with Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese heading back to the prison and Rick heading back as well.

We all have to admit: Carol changed way too much. It was nice to see her grow a backbone and stand up for herself but once she tried to take the reigns and make decisions without the rest of the group knowing, she was pretty much done for. We wave goodbye and hope that she may return to the group one day, but only if she doesn’t decide to kill and burn anyone else!



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