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The Walking Dead Season 3:Episode 7 Review “When the Dead Come Knocking”

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Sadness looms over me as I write this review for one reason only: this is the second to last episode until The Walking Dead Season 3 takes its mid-season hiatus. I’m sure next week’s review will have an even sadder tone to it but hey, how can you be sad when we’re talking about a show that’s just totally awesome in all aspects? This week’s episode includes alliances being questioned, a dash of torture, and a teaspoon of action that mixes together for a rating of 10 out of 10.

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Merle starts out the episode, talking with Glenn about T-Dogg and “the sheriff” and asks once again where his brother is. When Glenn refuses to say anything, Merle threatens to mess with Maggie. She’s in the next room, listening to Merle torment him verbally, but Glenn stands his ground. Merle starts threatening him with his knife hand and Glenn manages to get an attack in. Merle retaliates and starts beating him more while Maggie is helpless and forced to listen.

Michonne and Rick are locked in a staring battle while zombies surround Michonne. They finally realize that she is not one of them and she starts taking them out. She gets surrounded quite easily and her injuries cause her to fall on the ground. Carl and Rick kill the remaining walkers around her and help her into the prison. Rick questions her and she goes after her sword, only to have it shoved away. Once again, Michonne is scarce with the information she gives out. Rick takes her sword and she is locked away in a cell.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 7 Review When the Dead Come Knocking
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Rick is glad to see Carol is still alive and she looks much stronger then when we last saw her. For a moment, the group relives the death of Lori once Carol realizes she didn’t survive the delivery. Rick offers to tend to Michonne’s wounds and she tells them about Glenn and Maggie being abducted but then divulges information about Woodbury and the Governor.

Hershel tends to Michonne’s gunshot wound guarded by Carl, who has his hand close to his gun. Rick and the rest of the group debate whether or not to go and rescue Glenn and Maggie, with Axel and Oscar both volunteering to go along with Rick, Michonne, and Daryl. Rick takes Carl aside and talks about shooting Lori after she died. The discussion is quickly over after Carl promises to keep the rest of the group safe. They decide to call newborn baby Grimes Judith, after one of Carl’s teachers.

The Governor is called upon quite urgently by Milton and decides that he needs Andrea’s help with the matter at hand. The Governor leaves Milton and Andrea to an elderly, bed stricken man and Milton goes on to ask the man questions about his life, including his wife and children. The elderly man asks that the record player in the background keep playing while they “wait”. Milton asks Andrea to end the man’s life to try and test how much of the human follows through after turning into a walker. Andrea warns him that they aren’t themselves after they turn but Milton still wants to experiment. The man comes back as a walker and Milton begins his tests. He starts to let the man go but the walker lunges at him. Andrea kills him in an instant.

Merle brings a walker on a leash to threaten Glenn with. Merle lets the walker go inside the room and closes the door. Glenn, who is still taped to a chair, battles against the walker the best he can and ends up breaking free from his chair. After a brief update with Merle, the Governor goes and talks to Maggie. Before saying anything to her, he pulls out his knife and cuts her binds. The Governor offers to let them go as long as they tell where the rest of the group is but Maggie doesn’t give up the information. The Governor asks Maggie to stand up and strip. She initially refuses but when the Governor threatens Glenn, she’s quick to do what he asks. Maggie strips from the waist up while the Governor moves towards her and throws her down on the table. Maggie tells him to go to hell and he ends up walking away from her. Glenn and Maggie finally reunite under heavy guard. With both of them staring at the barrel of a gun, Maggie cracks and tells the Governor that the group is holed up at the prison.

The prison group cavalry uses the woods to walk the rest of the way on foot. Rick thanks Daryl for tending to Judith while Rick was mentally incapacitated. Walkers start to swarm around them and they start to become overrun. They find a shelter nearby and they try to stay quiet to avoid attention. The walkers start trying to break down the doors and the windows while more investigation of the shelter finds someone sleeping in it. The man wants them to leave and Rick tries to quiet him and calm him down. Rick tries to silence him without any confrontation and as the man tries to make a break for it, Michonne stabs the man and kills him. They use the recent murder victim as bait to make an escape out the back. By night time, they arrive outside Woodbury and the Governor questions where Merle’s alligience lies. Andrea goes back to the Governor and the episode is left with Andrea being consoled in his arms with the most devilish look on his face.

I know I was pretty sad when I heard the words “On the mid-season finale” when I was watching next week’s spoiler. Season 3 had me and every other viewer out there eating out of the palm of its hand. Where season 2 lacked over all action and killed off a lot of our favorite characters, season 3 jammed so much story and action to keep us talking about it. This first half of this season has kept up with the high expectations that we have of The Walking Dead and I hope it keeps at this tempo. Otherwise, disappointment might ensue.

The Walking Dead Season 3 airs Sunday nights on AMC.



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