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The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 2 Recap: “Infected”

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

And we’re back! Episode 2 of this season’s hit television show The Walking Dead is a mixture of hard emotions, fire, animal slaughter, and of course walkers! After such an amazing season opener, it’s hard to top what we initially felt but it just keeps getting better. We’ll just be brief and say this: the plot thickens…

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The moon is full and everything seems peaceful in zombie-land. The episode begins with someone very obviously feeding the walkers with rats at the fence. Their face isn’t shown but it’s obvious what they are doing. Tyreese and his new girlfriend Karen are spending some time together, talking about the way the world is now and Tyreese starts singing to her, which she finds goofy and loves. She says they should try and get some rest. He makes a move to “crash at his place” to which she replies “not just yet”. Karen walks off to splash some water on her face when she hears rattling. She hesitantly explores the bathroom and Patrick, who died at the end of last episode, rises again as a walker. Unfortunately, she doesn’t see what happened and goes to lay down. Patrick shambles through the prison, looking for some human noms. He almost goes into her room but hears coughing and follows it. Patrick eats one of the newcomers as a midnight snack.

Rick is hanging out with Judith when an alarm starts going off. He tries to wake up Carl. Now there’s two walkers inside the prison. Once daylight comes, MIchonne goes off once again and asks why Carl isn’t wearing his hat, to which he replies “it’s not a farming hat”. While Rick harvests some good greens, Carl very obviously wants to go with Daryl to dispatch some walkers. Rick says that they have other plans, plans that don’t involve getting his gun back. Guns start firing off from inside the prison. As Carl goes to let Michonne back in, walkers get through the gate. Carl grabs a gun to help out and Maggie helps an injured MIchonne back up. The prison is not overrun but there are quite a few walkers inside the prison. The group takes care of the issues but loses lives in the process.

Glen is outside on guard duty and pulls out a camera and starts taking pictures of a sleeping Maggie. She tells him to throw the picture away but he playfully replies that it’s not going to happen. Maggie looks off into the distance as Glen disappears.

The aftermath of the infestation is the group walking through the cell block and making sure all bitten are taken care of and disposing of the dead. Carol cares for a man who is holding onto the last thread of his life. He asks Carol to care of his children since they’ll have no one now and Carol agrees. Carol tells Ryan that they need to say goodbye. The kids come in and are distraught but say their sad goodbyes. The oldest one wants to take care of her dad before he attacks and ends up freaking out. Carol takes care of the situation in front of the girls, who become even more distraught. The burial happens later, at which Carol tells the girls that she’ll take care of them. The older sibling is still incredibly sad about her father’s death and runs away after Carol calls her weak.

Rick, Herschel, and Daryl talk about how this started, talking about how people who are sick are dying quickly and how it’s a flu strand that being passed around. Carl is very distraught about using the guns but Rick doesn’t say anything about that. Michonne defends Carl’s actions and Rick tells Maggie and Michonne that Patrick died from a sickness that spread quickly.

The council gets together to decide what they need to do, and whether they should quarantine the infected. Karen starts showing symptoms of the sickness. Tyreese defends Karen but Hershel suggests they separate, especially for Judith’s sake. Daryl makes the comment that he has to be okay to Carol, suggesting his more active leadership role to the group. Daryl starts burials outside when Rick comes to join him. Daryl talks to Rick about taking on a leadership role of the group but Rick is hesitant because of his past mistakes. Maggie calls for them frantically as walkers are close to overthrowing one of the prison fences and they start dispatching the walkers. They notice the rats and it becomes obvious that someone has been feeding the walkers to overthrow the fence. The fence gets very bendy, to where the walkers are almost over the fence and Rick tells Daryl to get the truck. Daryl drives the truck outside the prison as Rick basically acts as bait to lure them away from the fence. Rick cuts some pigs and leaves them for the walkers to feast on while they work on fixing the fence. Rick starts having a problem with this but continues to help distract the walkers.

Beth starts taking care of Michonne after her fall. She’s very mad at herself for getting herself hurt and says that Carl and Maggie should have just left her. Beth tells her that that’s stupid and Judith starts crying. Michonne has a very obvious and painful look and Beth tells her that she thinks Judith senses people’s moods as she walks away to tend to Judith. Michonne starts doing some strange workout when Beth and Judith comes back. As Judith spits up, Beth asks Michonne to hold her and she strongly protests. Michonne ends up holding Judith and starts crying.

Carol finds Carl making a cross and tells him that Patrick was a practicing atheist. Carol brings up what Carl saw in the library and asks if he’s going to tell Rick. Carol tries to tell him that it’s important and Carl acts like it isn’t his problem. Carl doesn’t want to lie to his dad but Carol asks him once again to not tell.

Rick and Carl are outside and Rick asks Carl to stay away from Judith for awhile. Carl spills his guts about Carol’s side lessons and Carl says that he should let her keep going. They don’t talk about it much more but he thanks him for telling him. Rick tells him that he’s not going to say anything while Rick continues to work on recovery. The episode ends with Rick giving Carl his gun back and Rick putting his gun holster back on while Tyreese finds Karen burned alive.

This season is taking a pretty awesome turn, with sickness and the possible segregation of the group. While it’s a plot line that’s been done a few times, it’s nice to see it in such an awesome show. We have the feeling that tensions will keep on rising. Make sure you check back for more weekly recaps of The Walking Dead Season 4 and watch the show every Sunday!

The Walking Dead Season 4
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The Walking Dead Season 4 : Carl(Chandler Riggs)




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