There Is Still Hope For A Demon’s Souls Remake

Despite the rumors of a remake never happening, there is still a chance that a remastered version of Demon’s Souls see the light of day. However, there is a good chance that another developer will work on the project, according to  Demon’s Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki.

“It seems like there was a misunderstanding in a previous interview in relation to a remake or a remastering of the game, so let me reiterate here,” Miyazaki explains during an interview with GameSpot. “For me and for From Software, I don’t think we’ll be involved with their happening, but it could happen through another developer.”

During an interview earlier this year, Miyazaki showed little interest in a remaster for Demon’s Souls, though based on this remark, he seems to have changed his mind.Regardless of whether or not From Software will take on the project, or if another developer will take the torch, the final decision it is up to Sony, who currently has ownership of the Demon Souls property.






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