There’s A Way To Redownload Silent Hills PS4 Demo P.T.

Do you remember P.T.? The demo that acted as a teaser to the Hideo Kojima & Gullerimo Del Toro collaboration Silent Hills, which then got cancelled? Well, after the news of Silent Hills getting cancelled, P.T. was soon taken off PSN, being unavailable for download by anybody afterwards, lost to the ether of time forever save for a few who still had it saved on their PS4. But thanks to a few dedicated fans, it seems that hope is not lost, as P.T. can be re-downloaded; provided you follow a few steps and use some third party software.

While a video has been released by YouTuber moreuse detailing how to do it (which you can check out below), there are also some directions on how to do it as well over Rely on Horror‘s website. The gist of it however goes like this: download a piece of software called SUWI to your PC, which will let you use your computer as a proxy server for your PS4, which will enable you to download the P.T. again. However, it’s important to keep two things in mind: first, this only works if you downloaded it once before and erased it, so if you never downloaded P.T., you’re still out of luck. Second, doing it this way is very dangerous, as messing it up could do permanent damage to your PC or PS4, so do this at your own risk.

Either way, for now this seems to be the only way to preserve the P.T. demo that fascinated the Internet last year, and an important part of gaming history. And while Kojima has said that he is open to working with Gulliermo Del Toro again on a project, there’s no denying that the P.T. demo represents what could have been.







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