This Cosplay of League of Legends’ Jinx is a Real Firecracker

Jinx from popular PC MOBA game, League of Legends, is known for her spunky, badass attitude.  She loves to shoot her high-powered guns and fires rockets like there’s no tomorrow.  She has become an icon for cosplayers, and we can never get enough of seeing Jinx cosplays.  Thanks to alternate skins, there are various different styles of Jinx that cosplayers can choose to recreate.  Lately, the most popular has been her Firecracker skin.


Cosplayer Yui Norihiro makes an amazing Firecracker Jinx.  In signature Chinese garb with long black hair adorned with a bright green stripe, Yui looks like she’s straight out of League of Legends. Check out Yui Norihiro on Facebook for even more epic cosplays!







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