This Cosplay of Lucy from Elfen Lied is Drop Dead Gorgeous


Lucy from the anime Elfen Lied is a 16 year old (or 15 in the manga), and a central protagonist of the series. The story being a plot revolving around a sub human species and a girl named Lucy who actually escapes from a research facility. Lucy herself happens to be very quick and swift and use anything within her two meter range as a projectile against her enemy. Also, if she concentrates enough she can deflect any incoming ammunition.


When she was a young girl her human peers mistreated her, making her hate all humans in general. Many of whom were actually killed by her. Lucy tends to lack empathy and kills without a second thought, sometimes even asking other super humans, or Diclonius, why they haven’t killed their own humans yet. Lucy also happens to be a bit sadistic, killing enemies by severing limbs and letting them bleed out instead of a quick death.


This cosplay by Morgana Cosplay is true to character. Lucy was sick and twisted and this cosplay portrays just that. It is also quite sexy as anyone can see. Morgana Cosplay pulls it off in an astounding way– this is cosplay perfection!


Photography by JoseManchado


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