This Dark Phoenix Cosplay is Mind Blowing


Dark Phoenix is the X-Men enigma that takes control over the ever-dwindling Jean Grey. The Dark Phoenix was the fall from grace for the Phoenix Force. Jean Grey was losing control of herself and giving into the Phoenix entity. The only one who could even remotely help her was Professor X, by implanting “psychic circuit breakers” into her mind. However, those too began to fail to the power of the Dark Phoenix.

The Dark Phoenix became its own comic series, or rather an extension of the regular X-Men series. Debuting in X-Men #129-138 in the early 1980’s, the story followed Jean as she slowly gave into corruption. The series is featured in some forms of media including the X-Men blockbuster movies and even the animated series, however the plot line seems to be altered ever so slightly.

Dark Phoenix is a cosplay favorite. However, if not executed properly this costume has the potential to look unimpressive. This cosplay by Lady-I-Hellsing of Cosplay Group Cosmo is flawless. Even down to the tiniest detail, this cosplayer has it all perfectly. She embodies the sexiness and power that Dark Phoenix possesses, in a way that makes all her efforts look effortless. This is a very epic cosplay!
Photography by Jonny Symmetry



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