This Jinx Cosplay is Crazy Good

Jinx is one of the most well known champions from the ever popular online multiplayer battle arena game titled League of Legends. She has blue hair and a spunky attitude that can take down any opposer. Jinx’s weapons are several explosive guns with catchy names such as Fishbones. She is actually a tad bit crazy and during gameplay likes to blurt out saying such as “I’m crazy, I have a doctor’s note”. Jinx was even rated one of the most popular cosplays of 2014, probably because she is a fun, recognizable, and all around likable character in the crazy world of League of Legends.
This Cosplay by RutuliCosplay is beyond perfect. She includes everything that the character Jinx has herself. Details are important in cosplays especially in one that is so popular and widely recognizable. RutuliCosplay pulls this difficult costume off as if it were easy. Jinx is perfectly captured in this crazy amazing cosplay!
Photography by Sateriele
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