This Lara Croft Cosplay Takes the Prize

Photography by Eduardo Mendez

Lara Croft is the tough and rumble female protagonist of Square Enix’s super popular Tomb Raider series. She is beautiful, smart, and can take on any challenge, this English archeologist is no normal lady. She first made her appearance in the 1996 smash hit video game Tomb Raider, and since then Lara has been a fan favorite, gracing screens even in Hollywood. She was played by Angelina Jolie in the 2001 hit movie titled Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. But Croft appeared in way more amazing video games throughout the years, even making some appearances in other forms of media including comic books! Lara Croft is a video game icon, and probably always will be.


That being said, many cosplayers have taken on the challenge of bringing Lara to life. However, Sophie Valentine Cosplay stands out among the rest. She is channeling the Underworld version of Lara in this beautiful cosplay, and even has some epic weaponry to boot. This cosplay captures appearance as well as personality, making it totally amazing.

tomb-raider-cosplay-3Photography by Arlequin Fotografias

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