This Might be One of the Best Cosplays of Overwatch’s D.Va We’ve Seen Yet

Since the release of Blizzard’s newest game, Overwatch, a few weeks ago, one of the game’s characters, D.Va, has been seeing a lot of cosplay action.  D.Va is a spunky streamer who loves video games and slaying her opponents.  She has an adorable personality and appearance, so it’s no wonder that cosplayers have taken a liking to her!


In this amazing cosplay, cosplayer Mio perfectly becomes D.Va.  She looks truly identical to D.Va herself, you would think she was rendered out of the video game!  We have seen a lot of D.Va cosplays in the past few weeks, but Mio’s D.Va takes the cake.  Epic!



Photography by MengjieLuan






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