This Mileena Cosplay is a Real Knockout


Mileena is a fierce and deadly character in the fighting video game series, Mortal Kombat. There are 6 realms in the game and the warriors of each realm battle each other. The player chooses a character to fight with, such as Mileena, and they can fight another player or the computer. Each character has awesome finishing moves, or a Fatalities, and other special moves to defeat their opponent. Players can also create custom Fatalies. Mileena’s most well-known Fatality is called Man Eater, which allows her to remove her mask and inhale her opponent, and then regurgitate a pile of bones.

Mileena is one of the most popular characters of Mortal Kombat. She is the clone of another character named Kitana. She wants to kill Kitana and take her place as the princess of Edenia. Mileena is power-hungry, evil, and a little insane. She wears a revealing pink suit, tall boots and a mask. Don’t be fooled by her sexiness though. Under that mask she has a large mouth, similar to a glasgow smile, with long, razor-sharp teeth.


RinaG plays the part of Mileena perfectly. From the material to the details, this costume is incredible; and RinaG wears it well. Although she has the sex appeal down, her posture and attitude are intimidating.


Written by Guest Contributor: WonderflexWoman