This Mileena Cosplay Slays With Excellence

I don’t know about you, but as soon as Mortal Kombat is mentioned that infamous tune starts playing in my head. Then I’m ready to punch something — even if that just means virtually. Mortal Kombat has been a highly acclaimed fighting franchise for many, many years. While it started as just video games the franchise soon turned to movies, bringing in a whole new demographic of fans. This has only continued over the years, more Mortal Kombat titles releasing for gamers to enjoy. It doesn’t hurt that Mortal Kombat X came out in April, resparking everyone’s love of the games and the series itself.


One smart thing that those behind the Mortal Kombat franchise is bringing back fighters that fans have come to love. There are those who stick with a certain fighter because you’ve just found your groove with them — or it’s as simple as liking the way they fight. Whatever the reason may be, there’s no doubt that people grow attached. While Sub-Zero and Scorpion might be more of the general go to, sometimes people sway from the obvious. Mileena is one of the fighters people have come to love, and there are obvious reasons as to why. One, the woman is a clone of Kitana, though she has variations to her that are quite different than her genetic counterpart. Her hate for Kitana is more than obvious, and Mileena is a great deal more evil and vicious. She’s also power hungry, and takes any opportunity to seize it.

She’s a woman who doesn’t mind doing what needs to be done in order to get what she wants, and that’s admirable — no matter how evil the means to the end might be. Whether you agree with Mileena’s viewpoint on the world there’s no denying she’s one heck of a lady — defending what she feels is right no matter how many people might not agree. Her loyalties are more than obvious as she’ll make them clear by fighting for what she believes in.


Perhaps that’s why cosplayers have donned Mileena’s sexy fuchsia attire in order to embody the woman. There’s something that people want to take on when it comes to her, allowing them to feel empowered when they become the fighter. Mileena is a popular character which means that more than a handful of cosplayers have taken her on, but not all have done such an amazing job as Rosanna Rocha Cosplay. While other cosplayers have done well with Mileena, Rosanna truly brings her to life. I feel as if I’m staring at what Mileena would look like in actuality — not just someone dressing up as her and calling it a day. The details of the cosplay and outfit are executed flawlessly and really bring you the whole package. Marvel at the magic that is Rosanna Rocha cosplay, and enjoy her take on the fatal Mileena.







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