This Morrigan Cosplay Will Keep You Safe in the Dark

Darkstalkers was a mid 90’s fighting game that introduced a unique group of monsters and strange creatures that were based off of well-known fictional characters. This group of misfit fighters was headed by main protagonists Demitri Maximoff and Morrigan Aensland. Demitiri was a vampire based loosely off of Dracula, and by his side the sexy and dangerous Morrigan is a succubus with incredible power. With abilities like shapeshifting and telekinesis, Morrigan is a fighter to be reckoned with. Born into nobility, Morrigan carries an air of self-importance and is often times shown as being very conceited and snooty with those around her.


Very suggestive and even a little scary, Morrigan’s appearance and fighting style are intimidating to say the least. One of the most noticeable attributes Morrigan has are the big purple and black, bat-like wings that emerge from both her back and her head. She also wears her long hair in a signature blunt cut with a striking hue of turquoise coloring it. With intense powers and a highly sexual presence, Morrigan quickly became the female face of the Darkstaker’s series as well as video games of the time in general.


Cosplaying Morrigan is possibly a way for women to capture the erotic danger that she displays. Here, cosplayer Plu Moon does a perfect job of this. Making sure to include Morrigan’s striking wingspan and fault it even she uses just a hint of sexuality to sell Morrigan’s beauty but still keeps a hint of menacing danger. With beautifully crafted elements, Plu Moon’s costume is extremely well-made and highlights her assets perfectly. Morrigan is surely a fun character to cosplay, and one can certainly feel the powerful presence it gives this cosplayer.

Photography by Biel Garcia Fotografia









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