This Princess Jasmine Cosplay Will Show You a Whole New World


Aladdin is a Disney classic, focused around a “street rat” who wants nothing more than a life he could never achieve on his own. Thanks to a handy genie and spotting of a beautiful princess, Aladdin soon gets everything he wishes — princess and all. That princess is also seeking another life, and it’s one away from the glitz and glam that royalty has to offer. Luckily for her, through Aladdin and her determination the princess is able to get just that.

Princess Jasmine is Aladdin’s main squeeze — as well as what villain Jafar’s is chasing after. Of course, she’s much more than a damsel in distress, having a determination to change her life the way she wants it, instead of what her father chooses for her. Even her outfits seems to hardly change — most being familiar with the infamous teal she usually dons. However, most might not think of steampunk and Princess Jasmine in the same step.


That’s why it’s up to cosplayers to think outside of the box, and Cindyrella Cosplay has done just that. Not only has she completely reimagined what Princess Jasmine might look like within a different lifestyle, but she’s kept the essence of what makes Jasmine, well, Jasmine. Not only that but the cosplay is absolutely, and positively breathtaking.

 Photography by vsmak




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