This Psylocke Cosplay is Absolutely Striking

Originating from the Marvel Comics universe, Betsy Braddock, AKA Psylocke, has been featured in numerous comic series’ since her debut.  Most recently starring in X-Force, Psylocke consistently proves herself to be a valuable ally in the heat of battle.  She harnesses both incredible technique with her katana along with telekinetic powers, so while she might be quite the seductive beauty, she definitely should not be underestimated.


We have featured Mostflogged’s Psylocke in the past, as it encompassed both Psylocke’s beauty along with her bravery, and now she has these new, incredible images taken by photographer Adam Burakowski that we just had to show off.  Mostflogged looks fierce, beautiful, and badass, just like Psylocke herself, making this a Psylocke cosplay that is truly remarkable.  Be sure to check out more of Mostflogged’s cosplay work at her Facebook page!