This Purple Heart Cosplay is Stellar

Photography by Don Dolce Photography

Purple Heart is the main protagonist of Hyperdimension Neptunia. She is the protecting Goddess of the world of Planeptune. Neptune is her human form, she is a clumsy  and carefree girl, much more so than any of the other goddesses, but when she transforms into Purple Heart nothing can stop her. Neptune lost her memory long ago after a terrible fight and now she must call upon the other goddesses in order to fight against Arfoire, the evil goddess. Together they can stop her!


This cosplay by Digi Rin is perfect! She looks just like the bad ass version of Neptune we have all grown to love. She not only captures the look of Purple Heart, which is no small task, but also the personality all in one cosplay. The construction is flawless as well as the execution and of course put all that together, and it makes one totally epic cosplay.

purple-heart-cosplay-3Photography by Eleventh Photography








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