This Sakura Kasugano Cosplay is Spot on Amazing

Women who can fight are fierce, and highly looked up to. It doesn’t matter whether they’ve acquired their skill naturally, or by way of imitation and practice. Sakura Kasugano is one of the women in gaming that knows what she’s doing — and learned it by mimicking another fighter. Making her appearance in Street Fighter Alpha 2, Sakura was able to grasp her style of fighting due to a slight obsession with Ryu. The school girl adapted to his ways, taking on some of his technique and style, but truly wanted him to train her personally.

Generally donning her school girl outfit, Sakura Kasugano is a fighting ball of energy — generally portrayed as happy, determined, and hard-working. The fourth female fighter in all of the series, Sakura is one of the more popular fighters. She can deal kicks and punches as she sees fit, taking down those who are brave enough to go up against her.

sakura-kasugano-cosplay-2Photography by Gürkan Boylu

Being a woman of such positivity and spunk, there’s no question as to why anyone would want to become such a woman. Hence why cosplayers all over the world have taken to putting on a school girl outfit, wearing red converse, and embodying Sakura Kasugano. Of the many cosplayers to become Sakura, only a few are worthy of mention — DEATHNOTE—L deserving praise for such a cosplay. Not only is her take on Sakura spot on, but it truly turns the character from pixel to flesh. From the uniform to the minor details — perfected minor details, within the cosplay DEATHNOTE—L has done an amazing job!

sakura-kasugano-cosplay-1Photography by Barış Gökgöz








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