This Samus Cosplay Blasts Through the Competition

samus-aran-cosplay-1Photography by GCF Photography

Samus Aran is a certified badass and the main protagonist of the Metroid game series. Back when Metroid debuted in Japan in 1986, it was actually a secret that Samus was female. It wasn’t until the game was localized for America in 1987 were players able find out that the kickass character in the huge Power Suit was a blonde, attractive young lady. In a time when other popular games featured princesses and damsels in distress waiting to be rescued by male heroes, Samus stood out as a powerful and capable lead and served as a positive role model for both female and male gamers. The name Samus is the female version of Seamus, which is Celtic for the name James, and means “he who supplants,” or, in this case, “SHE who supplants.”

The lore of the Metroid series tells us that the reason Samus is such a badass bounty hunter is because she was raised by the ancient, dying, sentient bird people known as the Chozo, who took her in after she was the lone survivor of a Space Pirate attack that killed her parents. The Chozo infused her with their DNA, trained her, bestowed upon her the signature Power Suit, and readied her to destroy the Metroids. Once she reached adulthood, she joined the Federation Police, but ultimately left to become a bounty hunter. Nevertheless, she was recruited by the Galactic Federation on many occasions, and became famous for completing missions that others thought to be impossible.

samus-aran-cosplay-2Photography by Ambercool Photography

Much inspiration for Samus was taken from Ellen Ripley, the main protagonist of the Aliens movie franchise. And it’s no stretch to see other parallels between Aliens and Metroid. There’s the sci-fi alien theme, as well as the fact that Samus’ main antagonist is named Ridley in homage to director Aliens’ Ridley Scott. In the Nintendo Power-published Super Metroid Comic, Samus’ personality was based on a mix of Ripley and Princess Leia. Besides the Metroid series, she’s also been featured in each of the hugely popular Smash Bros games, cameoed in over a dozen other Nintendo titles, been featured in a variety of Nintendo comics, and starred in her own manga/comics adaptation.

Beneath the bulky, androgynous Power Suit, Samus wears a skin-tight, blue body suit known as the Zero Suit. This sleek suit allows Samus to be at top physical performance, and provides a little protection from enemy fire. The look of this suit, along with Samus’ overall look and design has changed minimally through the years, though with improvements in graphics, she’s gone from an 8bit character to a fully realized 3D beauty.

samus-aran-cosplay-3Photography by BGZ Studios

Oki Cospi brings that beauty to life with her impeccable cosplay of Samus Aran in her Zero Suit. Anyone who’s ever tried to sew lycra knows how tricky that material is, so we sincerely commend Oki on her work with this cosplay. The blues are fabulous and right on point. The Zero Suit fits her perfectly, and damn…doesn’t it look good? Plus, it continues all the way down to her boots and to the tips of her fingers. This is one well-made and well-worn bodysuit. Fabulous! One of the key features of Samus’ look is her blonde hair, always worn in a ponytail, with two pieces hanging down in front on either side of her face. Oki Cospi nails that with her fine wig work. This is a fantastic cosplay and an expert emulation of Samus’ canon look.



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