This Sniper Wolf Cosplay Comes with Lots of Pow

Metal Gear Solid is a franchise that gamers have grown to love over the past seventeen years. The titles seem to reel people in — adding stories and characters that one can’t seem but be drawn to. Amongst those characters is Sniper Wolf, a woman who has known little peace in her life. Born in Iraqi Kurdistan, Sniper Wolf’s life was gunfire, sirens, and the screams of those dearest to her. It wasn’t untypical for her to find that a loved on had died during the middle of the night, or to find herself moving from shelter to shelter in order to find solace.


It wasn’t until Sniper Wolf came across Big Boss that her life took a turn. It was he who trained Wolf to be a soldier, and eventually who the woman grew to look up to. Later — after Big Boss was presumed dead, Sniper Wolf joined with FOXHOUND in order to seek out vengeance on the world.


Despite her rough upbringing — and the odds faltering to be in her favor, Sniper Wolf prevailed and made it through the horrors she faced while growing up. Her perseverance and sheer determination are traits that anyone would strive to have. That could be why cosplayers have decided to embody the woman — though not all of them have done such a marvelous job as It’s Raining Neon. Her take on Wolf is essentially flawless, and shows just how gorgeous the woman is. Don’t mistake her just for looks, as Sniper Wolf could definitely take you down if the occasion called for it.

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