This Spider-Gwen Cosplay Gets the Spidey Senses Tingling

In an alternate universe known as Earth 65, Peter Parker was not the one bit by the radioactive spider, but Gwen Stacey. Manifesting her powers, she decided to use them for personal gain instead of helping others. This changes when Peter Parker, increasingly in need of protection from his girlfriend, develops a serum to mimic her powers. Turning into the Lizard, Gwen ends up fighting him and during the battle Peter dies. After this she vows to use her powers for good fighting crime under the name Spider-Woman.


Cosplayer Taorich is super cute in her Spider-Gwen cosplay. Wearing the body fitting suit, she went with the purple spider web pattern instead of the red on her elbows and inner arms. Black patterns across her torso and legs are on point. The inside of the hood also contains the purple web pattern. Blonde hair held in place with a black headband, she is ready to fight crime wherever it may rear its ugly head.

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