This Week’s Must-Watch Epic Anime: Log Horizon


Log on and get ready for the latest expansion of the hot MMORPG Elder Tale! The question is are you ready to play? Even if you’re not a gamer that’s ok because Log Horizon will literally suck you into the gaming world and pretty much hold you hostage, not that you’ll complain. Log Horizon guides you seamlessly through the MMORPG world until you’ll feel like a pro and start wandering the streets asking random strangers to join your guild all the while referring to your local barista as an NPC.


Imagine, you log on to your favorite MMORPG ready to play the latest expansion and suddenly find yourself in game, in character, and in a crap load of trouble! That’s exactly what happens to 30,000 Japanese gamers in this cleverly written and highly tactical anime. The idea of an anime where the characters are trapped in a game is not new, however Log Horizon is different from your typical “trapped in a game” anime. It really gives the viewer an amazing feeling of how it would really feel if you were physically trapped in a game. Starting with the most basic of emotions, first comes disbelief, then it slowly escalates to acceptance, followed by raw determination.


Log Horizon follows a college student/gamer whose online name is Shiroe.  His class is Enchanter and he’s well known for his tactical abilities as well as his nicknames “Shiroe the Strategist” or the “Villain in glasses”. His two closest comrades Naotsugu and Akatsuki join him early on and the three of them find themselves trying to figure out how to fight, how to survive, and how to make food that doesn’t taste like soggy cardboard. Shiroe is faced with a big decision early on: should he keep being his socially awkward self or share his brilliant ideas with everyone in hopes of gaining their freedom from this apocalyptic situation.

So why is this anime epic?  Because it’s an awesome mesh of action, drama, romance, comedy, and suspense that always keeps you guessing. Once you finish this season and realize you’re now totally hooked, fear not for a second season is set to be released in October of 2014.



Written by Guest Contributor: ShinobiMisa



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