This Week’s Must-Watch Epic Anime: Steins;Gate


Ready your lab coats and have a seat– but don’t forget to grab your cup ramen and a Dr. Pepper. Prepare yourself for what seems like the psychotic ramblings of eccentric self-proclaimed mad scientist Rintarou Okabe, nicknamed Okarin, or as he likes to call himself, Hououin Kyouma. He is one of the founders of “Future Gadget Lab”, a small research institution; though I will say you learn early on that his title of mad scientist is justly deserved! In the beginning it’s almost like watching a child play dress up for the first time. Then as the storyline progresses you’ll realize that even if his personality may seem like it, he’s really not playing around and he’s actually a bonafide genius completely worthy of the mad scientist title.

An anime about time travel is not a new concept, however the way Steins;Gate is done makes it feel new and fresh. The best part about this anime are the twists and turns that at times can feel like a rollercoaster and just as thrilling. I’m sure you’ll be thinking “Wait, what just happened?” at various moments, but never fret, because as the storyline unfolds you’ll see just how deep this worm hole goes. It’s always fun to guess what direction you think an anime is going, but this time chances are you’re going to be wrong, and that is one major thing that makes Steins;Gate so epic.


Steins;Gate is beyond worthy of being called an anime that “hits you outta left field” and makes you rethink everything that we as humans in a normal flowing timeline have thought about. The characters are perfectly matched; reluctant addition to the lab Kurisu Makise is constantly at odds with Okabe, their personalities and actions are like oil and water, yet they seem to flow together perfectly. With her cool and calm nature, it’s fun to watch her raging a head-to-head battle with his tendency to be overly paranoid– it’s a good balance. What anime isn’t complete without at least one perverted character? For this anime it’s Hashida Itaru, better known as Daru.  He’ll have you laughing or gasping at his antics and statements that he makes. Daru is an extremely talented hacker and has an overwhelming obsession with computer programs which comes in handy. We also have Mayuri Shinna who is Okarin’s completely adorable childhood friend. She can be a little airheaded at times and always leaves you guessing what’s going on in her head.


Steins;Gate makes you leap through time while trying to put the perfect puzzle together, tirelessly and frustratingly trying to make the pieces fit, and it all starts with a microwave, phone, and a banana. With most time travel anime, things can go bad and trust me they will, but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel right? Watch it and find out for yourself.




Written by Guest Contributor: ShinobiMisa




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