Three Dog Won’t be Headed to Fallout 4

It looks like Fallout 3’s Three Dog won’t be making an appearance in Fallout 4. The voice actor of the character, Erik Todd Dellums, confirmed that Capital Wasteland’s most liked radio personality will not be a part of the next installment to the Fallout franchise. “I admit, the finality of this tweet felt like a gut punch. Sad to not be included. Best with the game,” Dellums tweeted.

What makes this fact possibly more disappointing is that Dellums teased that ““there may be more of the Dog coming.” It looks like that might have been before Bethesda had a firm grasp on what they wanted to do with Fallout 4. It’s apparent that Dellums is upset about not being invited to voice Three Dog in Fallout 4, not upset just for himself but the fans of the Fallout series as well.

Fun fact: I auditioned for no less than 7 roles in #Fallout3. Can only wonder why no audition for #4? Bewildered,” another Tweet reads. At this point, I’m just going to await the game. Should @BethesdaStudios ever need my voice, I’m reachable.”








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