Titanfall 2’s Newest Update Changes Boosts And Titans

Titanfall 2 is getting a new update. This new update will address a popular Boost and some of the Titans, among many things.

The first big change is to the Boost Map Hack, which when activated, allows players to see enemies through walls, has now been tweaked so that it’s a bit more fair. The update also fixes the two Titans, Tone and Legion, though what changes were made the developer didn’t say.

Titianfall 2 is available now for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Here are the full patch notes:

Pilot Changes

  • Anti-Titan and Grenadier weapons once again restore ammo when embarking into your Titan.
  • Rebalanced Amped LMGs .

Last Titan Standing:

  • Fixed an issue with bad start spawns on Exoplanet.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing round 1 to start while people were still connecting.


  • Fixed an issue with camos that would result in players not being able to clear the “NEW” message.

Game Modes

  • You can now play Private Match Solo


SOURCE: Titanfall 2




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