Toadette Serves Up a New Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Trailer

Nintendo has released a new trailer for their upcoming sports showdown Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, which also includes the announcement of a new character joining the roster, the pink toadstool, Toadette. Toadette joins Bowser Jr. and Dry Bowser as the latest additions to the latest entry in the Mario Tennis series, which as run alongside the other gambit of Mario sports games since the N64 original in July of 2000. This entry hits the Nintendo Wii U this November 20th in North America and Europe, with Japan getting the title later in the year.

This is Toadette’s first debut in the Mario Tennis franchise, following her recent leading role in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Who else can we expect to see in the upcoming game? With the release less than a month away, only Nintendo knows for certain. Check out the new trailer below, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash shoots for the Nintendo Wii U this Novmeber 20th.








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