Tony Hawk 5 Offers New Brighter Cel-Shaded Look

Tony Hawk 5 is coming at the end of September, and developer Robomodo has decided to amp up what players will be getting when the title releases. When images of Tony Hawk 5 first release, it got a lot of criticism for how bland the environment looked, gamers asking for something with more substance. Well, Robomodo seems to have responded in a positive way, giving players something that has a lot more color than the original artwork did.

That means that Robomodo has gotten rid of the generic and delivered something that players will not only have fun playing, but will enjoy looking at too. Of course, the differences in style will only register with a before and after comparison — good thing we’ve hooked you up with one below. Check out a screen from what Tony Hawk 5 would have looked like before and what it will look like when it releases in September!

Old Look:



New Look:

tony-hawk-pro-skater-5- tony-hawk-pro-skater-5-6 tony-hawk-pro-skater-5-5 tony-hawk-pro-skater-5-4 tony-hawk-pro-skater-5-3 tony-hawk-pro-skater-5-2