House of Cards Season 2

Top 5 Most Epic Moments from “House of Cards” Season 2

The “House of Cards” first season was filled with manipulation, development of multiple characters, and a Washington D.C. backdrop to make things feel important. It was “The West Wing” ratcheted up a notch.

When Netflix ordered a second season of what is becoming a cornerstone show in its original series lineup, the writers had a tough task ahead of them. One of the things that make the show fantastic is its unpredictability and a feeling that no one is safe. We’ll discuss more on that later. This was also the season of Claire, played magnificently by Robin Wright. She showed both the toughness and vulnerability this season that was lacking in season one. Just when you think she is as strong as Frank and can handle anything, she breaks down and lets us see that she is more human and more relatable than her ruthless husband.

There are many other great things that could be said about Season 2 of “House of Cards” however, to really dive into the details we will have to talk spoilers. I’ve broken down the season into its top 5 most epic moments, some were strange, some were shocking, and all were epic. Be warned: the rest of this article contains huge spoilers so don’t read until you’ve finished the entire second season.




5. Freddy’s BBQ Joint

In a single episode, we learn so much about Freddy, the owner of Frank’s favorite BBQ restaurant. We learn that not only does Freddy have a son, but that both he and his son have been in prison. Freddy is on the cusp of franchising his restaurant and selling his secret sauce in grocery stores, however all of that goes away when his past is revealed. Frank reaches out to help. However, let it be clear, his help is only with money. He is actually cutting Freddy out of his circle of allies because Freddy’s past could come back to haunt Frank as he steams ahead to the presidency.


4. The Threesome

As we learned from last season, Frank had experimented with homosexual behavior in his college days and to this day, we are still unsure of his sexuality. He had also grown fond of his favorite secret service agent, Edward Meechum, to the point where earlier in the episode he actually used his first name when speaking to Claire about him. Meechum also walked in on Frank watching porn and Frank didn’t seem to mind. Throw all of these things together and it isn’t too surprising that a three way kissing scene with Claire would happen (we never actually see them go any further than that, but more than likely more did happen.) How did it impact the rest of the series? It didn’t at all…yet.


3. Rachel Kills Doug

Just as I was thinking that Michael Kelly’s portrayal of Doug Stamper may be my favorite aspect of the show, he’s gone with a rock to the head. Most of the season, he was getting too close to Rachel and too involved with her life. I found myself yelling at the television for him to leave when he visited her at the apartment he arranged. Yes, he was trying to keep loose ends from ruining his boss’ political career, but he crossed the line at times. Still, he was a likeable guy. He was staying sober, he was good at his job, and in his mind, he looked over Rachel as if she were his daughter. That, however, turned out to be his downfall.


2. Claire’s Abortion

A catalyst for the second season was the CNN interview in which Claire admits to having an abortion when she was younger. This was a turning point in both her character arc and the season’s focus. The Underwoods were now a family that had a weakness and something that their enemies could point to and call them out for. Robin Wright played this moment so well and so realistically that I had to go back and watch it again. Frank, as he always does, stayed calm throughout the interview. He didn’t interrupt things or make them stop the questions. He was busy planning out his next move.


1. Zoe Barnes’ Death

Easily the most shocking moment came in the first episode of the second season. It was a message that let the audience know that this show was back and it’s not playing around this time. I think fans were growing tiresome of Kate Mara’s character walking around chewing her finger nails and texting people. Frank was growing tired of her as well, as evidence by his sudden push of her into a subway train. The death was not only surprising because of its timing but the way Frank chose to kill her, in public and right into the front of the train was jaw-dropping and was a big step to show that Frank was willing to do anything to get into the White House.

So what shocked you in “House of Cards” Season 2? What moments did you find epic? Let us know because there were plenty to choose from. Also where do we go from here? What are your predictions for what will happen in Season 3? Frank’s house of cards will have to tumble at some point, who will be the one to bring him down? So many questions and for us binge watchers, we have to wait a whole year to find out what the answers are.


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