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True Blood Season 7, Episode 9 Review: “Love is to Die”


I ended up liking this episode more than I did overall during the middle, for reasons I will get to.

So last week’s episode ended with the infuriating development of Bill refusing to feed on Sarah Newlin when she was standing right in front of him with the cure to his rapidly advancing Hep-V infection right there in her blood. Jess and Sookie cannot understand why Bill is doing this, probably in part because he says he can’t put his reasons into words. Sookie gets so angry at Bill that she slaps him, twice, would have been three if Eric hadn’t calmed her down.

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Jess also asks that, since Bill is resigned to death, that he release her. I expect Jess wants this as a way to lessen the pain of his passing. Whether that will work remains to be seen, but Bill agrees to it at any rate. It’s a tear jerker. Bill starts out by saying that it wasn’t his choice to make her, as we remember, but he’s immensely proud and confident in Jessica. “As you’re maker, I release you.”

Eric comforts Sookie, Pam comforts Jess, though Pam says, “If you cry blood on my jacket you’re paying for it.” Oh, Pam.

Sookie and Jessica stop by Sam’s house for some reason, and see that it’s empty of all furniture. They find specially addressed goodbye notes and one is for Sookie. It starts off with Sookie reading it, then segues into Sam reading it over a montage of him and Nicole packing up, brimming with affection for each other. Sam has decided that he’s at the point where he wants to start living for his family and that he hopes Sookie can come visit them in Chicago after the baby is born.

Goodbye Sam, I guess? Seems Nicole has finally domesticated him. More hugging.

Back at Bellefleur’s, according to Big John, if you build it they will come. So Arlene is keeping the place open and ready for business even if nobody wants to come out. Until then it’s a staff party! Woohoo!

Sookie isn’t feeling very social right now, telling Adylin telepathically that she’d prefer not to join. Then Arlene comes over. They start by saying that she and Keith are kind of a thing now, after that EPIC good-guy-Vampire Keith “so let’s just dance” I can’t blame them. Sookie reveals to Arlene that Bill is dying of Hep-V that she gave him and asks, how does she keep moving on? Arlene says that at some point you just have to decide that you want to. We’ll see how easy that goes for Sookie and Bill.

Lafayette and James are there of course. Lafayette expects this to be awkward. But Jess approaches James and apologizes. She says Lafayette was right that she never cared enough to ask James important questions about himself that she hopes they are happy. Good going Jess; that was the mature thing to do.

And then what does she do after that? Go to see Hoyt and explain everything that happened between them. Doesn’t help that right before Jess shows up at his door, Brigitte was just through questioning him about what he had done yesterday (including giving a pint of his blood to Bill). She seemed to be satisfied and then *knock knock*. There Jessica stands, with her long red hair and her southern eyelashes that go on forever. Brigitte is outraged. Jess says that she wants to explain what happened between them but Brigitte says that if Hoyt walks out that door to talk to Jess, she won’t have him back.

“Fine.” Hoyt exits front door, pursued by nobody.

Jess is very apologetic about interrupting him and Brigitte but with Bill dying, she says she couldn’t think of anyone else she would rather be with tonight. More hugging.

Brigitte, very distraught calls Jason, who doesn’t even recognize her on the phone until she tells him. “Oh, Hoyt’s Brigitte?” “Not any more.” She asks him to pick her up, please. Jason gets there on the double, only to find Jess and Hoyt in the drive way. It’s unclear how much Jess has told him until Hoyt socks Jason right in the face and lays him flat on his back on the concrete.

Next thing we see is Brigitte driving Jason’s cop car with Jason in the front passenger. He’s not supposed to let anybody drive there, but there’s not many people left who’ll care. Brigitte wants to take Jason to the hospital but he shrugs it off so they go back to his place.

“Uh Brigitte? I just want to make something clear. We’re not gonna have sex tonight.”

“Jason, I just broke up with boyfriend. I’m heartbroken. What makes you think I would want to have sex tonight?”

“Trust me it needed to be said.”

Fair enough, Jason.

Back at his house, the awkward sexual tension is palpable, for the audience at least. First, there’s this weird scene where Jason puts the phone moves on a female flight booker that Brigitte is trying to wrangle a flight home out of. Then, there’s the awkward goodnight where Jason even goes to bed on his recliner with a frozen pea bag on his crotch.

Then, of course, Brigitte is restless. So she comes back into the living room and the two share a beer. Brigitte gets to asking further into the whole Hoyt, Jason, Jess love triangle and Jason explains that he and Hoyt were best buds forever, but he would always get the girls and Hoyt would always go home to Maxime Fortenberry. *shudder*. Then Jess comes along and she and Hoyt are perfect and, like the horny jock he always thinks of himself as, he steals Jess from Hoyt and deservedly gets his ass handed to him.

It’s an especially emotional scene with Jessica and Hoyt passionately rekindling their love with confessions and kissing and blood healing and clothing loss and simultaneous climax and OH COME ON!


And why is that Mr. Graff?




Seriously, the scene is so beautiful I can’t even be mad.

(Premature as I yet hope it may be) I’m preparing to decommission the TBS Jesson. It was a fine OTP while it lasted.

Jason says that something Hoyt said that stuck with him ever since he told him that he and Jessica had sex was that something was missing from him. Brigitte says that’s not fair of Hoyt. And that she is going to show Jason how not to have sex with a girl. So they have a friendly heart to heart sleep over instead. Jason worries that if he has a daughter (after confessing that he would love to have kids) what if she meets someone like him? Brigitte says that she would be very lucky to meet a guy like him and that Jason is very sweet.

Well, I got to say, I am impressed. I didn’t expect Brigitte to be this deep or for her and Jason’s relationship to go this way. Kudos TB.

Back at Fangtasia, Pam is giving Sarah a dye job to bring her back to her platinum blonde, because apparently she has big plans to pimp out Sarah as a call girl cure for Hep-V. Just more of Pam being a dominating understated badass.

Eric pays a visit to the Compton residence, presenting his own argument for Bill not to kill himself. He says that Sookie doesn’t want Bill to die that this disease saps their will to live like it did him, but Bill says he’s doing what Sookie needs. He related that dream we saw of Sookie cradling a bundle of blackness. He says that’s what they are and all they can offer Sookie, death. As long as he is on earth, Bill says, she will always be drawn to him and endangered by him, as she has been so many times before.

Well, I suppose that makes some kind of twisted, self-pitying sense. Maybe a hundred plus years of living lets Vampire’s understand themselves better than humans, but Bill is still capable of great humanity. Besides, all the bad stuff he put Sookie through was largely influenced by powers that be before he met Sookie and the motives he was forced to act on. Sophie Anne, the Authority, and so on are all gone now. It doesn’t absolve him of his responsibility for bad choices, but it does mean that there’s much less outside influences that could sabotage their relationship now.

Bill asks Eric for one last favor, to tell Sookie that Bill will call on her to explain himself. Eric agrees, and gives Sookie a vampire flight back to her house. Sookie says she’s sick of Bill but Eric urges her to hear him out.

Seeing Sookie to her door must have put her in the most magnanimous mood he’s ever been in because when he gets back to Fangtasia, Ginger is there, upset that Eric didn’t tell her he was cured. He says he’s going to make it up to her by #@$%ing her!

GASP. After all this time? Ginger looks transported with antici……pation.

“Where did you imagine we’d do it Ginger?”

(You know what she’s gonna say.) ON THE THRONE!

And so it was that the Vampire Viking God Eric Northman took the biggest but monkey fanger-girl ever, Ginger, astride on his lap upon the Fangtasia throne. Where upon he swiftly rips off her panties and lets her…..yeah, you get the idea. The whole thing lasts less than a minute, but it was evidently, noisily, sensually, the best minute of Ginger’s life. She collapses in a moaning heap on the stage, despite Eric’s surprise.

He’s in for a much less pleasant surprise in the dungeon, where Mr. Gus and the Yakuza have Pam silvered to table with this improvised staking device hanging over her.

Mr. Gus urges Eric to be honest with him lest he wishes his goons to not cut the ropes and stake Pam. Eric eventually confesses that Sookie, his supposed fangbanging groupie, actually knows about Sarah and her cure. Oh boy.

The episode ends with Sookie waiting in her home when Bill arrives.



So this is it then. The eleventh hour before the true end of True Blood.

Will Eric and Pam be able to escape the Yakonomo control and save Sookie? Will Jason, Jess, Hoyt, Arlene, Adylin, Andy, Sam, James, Lafayette find something like peace and Happiness? Will Sam really escape all this Bon Temps Craziness? What will be the fate of the cure? Is Bill’s true death truly at hand?

We will have to wait until next Sunday to find out. It’s sure to be a crazy finale.



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