Twitch Will Not Tolerate Cheating In Pokemon GO

Recently Twitch has announced they will be disciplining streamers caught cheating on Pokemon GO. According to the website those caught cheating will receive a a soft ban or worse.

Although it can be quite a challenge trying to make a live stream for game which requires you to move and explore the world around you, it has been proven that several streamers have been using several cheats to boost their streams by. Several methods include the running a program to pinpoint Pokémon and catch them automatically, known as botting or by fabricating their current GPS location to trick the game into believing the player is moving venturing around the outside world, when they are inside their homes. Despite this, the game’s developer, Niantic has gone on record saying that they do not condone any methods of cheating. With those who are caught cheating often receiving soft bans from the servers.

“As of August 8th, anyone sharing content that features or promotes cheating in Pokémon Go will receive a strike on their account,” Twitch wrote in a recent blog post. “We ask that broadcasters take appropriate steps to ensure that their content is not at risk.” The use of these cheating methods are also a violation against Twitch’s Terms of Service. Anyone who is caught cheating while streaming Pokemon GO have a very good chance in their accounts being suspended or terminated depending on the offense.