Ubisoft Reveals New Gear Sets For The Division

Four new gear sets are coming in Tom Clancy’s The Division‘s Conflict update. The new gear sets are set to include special bonuses, which were revealed and elaborated on during a recent live stream from the developers.

Much like the last update for the game, gear sets are special pieces of armor, which is acquired will grant players powerful bonuses and will increase if more pieces of a specific set the player is wearing. Those who manage to equip themselves with four different pieces of one set will also receive the best bonus on offer; each bonus was explained in detail by the developers, which can be found below:

  • Final Measure – Upon damaging an enemy with a grenade, players will be equipped with a “defuse buff”. While this buff is active, a timed explosive that would otherwise hurt the player is instead defused, and while the buff’s effect only lasts for one defuse, players are granted one new grenade upon each defusal to keep the cycle going.
  • Hunter’s Faith – Hitting an enemy with a bullet grants a damage resistance bonus. Players will want to think twice before running up to hostiles for a guaranteed hit, however, because the farther the range from the target, the greater the bonus.
  • Lone Star – When a player holsters a weapon by switching to another, that first weapon’s clip is completely refilled, making this bonus ideal for slow-reload weapons like shotguns.
  • Predator’s Mark – Hitting one target with ten shots without damaging any other targets deals extra bleed damage equal to 100% of the damage dealt by those bullet, effective when unloading into enemies with an automatic weapon.

Tom Clancy’s The Division’s 1.2 Conflict update is set for launch for all systems on Tuesday, May 24th. While the complete patch notes for the update will be revealed on that Monday prior to the update’s launch date.








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