Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Confirmed, Will Use PlayStation VR

Awhile back, it was reported that some new content would be coming to Until Dawn. Called Rush of Blood, we didn’t know much about it other than that it was coming. Well, today we now know more about it, as Sony has confirmed it’s existence during its Paris Games Week conference, and it’s very different from what many people expected.


For starters, instead of controlling one of six random teens trying to escape death, Rush of Blood will have you playing as a yet to be revealed person who is on a roller coaster, which is based on the events of the main game. In addition, it will also be an on rails shooter, similar to House of the Dead or Time Crisis. Finally, perhaps the biggest surprise is that Rush of Blood will use the PlayStation VR headset to play it. Whether it will be required or is an optional add on remains to be seen, though from what’s been shown it looks like it’ll be the former.


Until Dawn: Rush of Blood currently doesn’t have a release date or even a price, but we do know it will come out next year for the PlayStation 4, alongisde the PlayStation VR headset. A trailer was also released, discussing the game a bit more, which you can check out below.