Skull Girls Valentine Cosplay

A Valentine Cosplay That is Sure to Knock You Out!

This month at All That’s Cosplay we showcase the phenominal work of men and women that bring to us their spooky and delightful costumes in the spirit of Halloween. While many of our costumes are gorey or the hero of a horror themed media, we do like to give you a treat along the way as well. What better way but with this drop-dead gorgeous cosplay from Skullgirls?


Skullgirls is a 2D, independently developed fighting game published by Konami. Gameplay takes place in a ficitonal country ravaged by war and conflict. In this kingdom, every seven years a relic known as the “Skull Heart” will grant a wish to one woman. Should her wish be corrupted as she is deemed impure, she will be transformed into the dangerous Skullgirl, a being full of immense power. The game picks up seven years after the Grand War has left the battlefield between three nations bloody in it’s wake and a new Skullgirl named Marie has immerged to wreak havoc. Several women and a couple men now rise to the challenge of putting an end to Marie.


Noelia perfects the look of the seductive looking Valentine, the lone survivor of the Last Hope group of Anti-Skullgirl agents and now the servant of Marie. With her signature spikey blue hair and nurse costume, Noelia weilds the Bonesaw, one of Valentine’s signature weapons, like the professional herself. With her vibrant red eyes, her gaze manages to be both sultry and menacing.



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Written by Guest Contributor: MissJinxei


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