Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets Trailer, Music, and More

The newest PS4 addition to the Valkyria Chronicles series, Valkyria: Azure Revolution, got a new trailer in Japan, alongside a host of music and screenshots, showing off the newest addition to the beloved strategy RPG. The new trailer is an extended version of the first teaser trailer, and is accompanied by two new music videos, for the main theme of the game Blue Revolution, as well as Yasunori Mitsuda and Sarah Alainn’s Eternal Rest. To round off, we’re also shown a number of new screenshots and other pieces of artwork, including a new antagonist by the name of Maxim, as well as the capital of the Kingdom of Jutland.

As we see in the screenshots, while combat will have more melee oriented weapon including all different kinds of swords, the game still maintains its psuedo-WWII inspired look with snipers, giant tanks, and tactical use of cover and smoke to place the player in a far better strategic position than their enemy. And with the music of Yasunori Mitsuda bridging the gap, the game is sure to be something special.









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