Valve Introduces 24-Player Modes in DotA 2

With the The International 5 DotA 2 tournament putting all the attention on center stage, Valve took the recent all star game as a chance to show off the new 10 versus 10 mode between two groups of top class players. With the genre defining MOBA (multiplkayer online battle arena) title having only been known for 5v5 modes, the new addition of 10v10 and 12v12 modes means groups of players can come together to develop entirely new ways to crush their opponents, or find themselves at the receiving ends of 12 individual attacks.

Scheduled for release next week, the new mode exhibition mode rather than anything that can be expected in the more professional space, but still might prove to be rather entertaining for those who know 9 other people they want to play with. Check out the recent all star match at TI5 to see the 10v10 mode in action, complete with hyped up commentary. The match in question starts at about the 10 hour, 5 minute mark.


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