The Vampire Diaries

What’s Happened So Far on Season 4 of “The Vampire Diaries”

In order to get the cure, Damon and Klaus encourage Jeremy to kill other vampires so the map on Jeremy’s skin grows larger. Klaus’ brother and one of the Originals, Kol, is adamantly against unearthing Silas. He explains freeing Silas will bring hell on earth. He tries his best to kill Jeremy so the gang will not have the map, but Elena realizes if Jeremy kills Kol, Jeremy will kill all of the vampire in Kol’s vampire line and his map will be complete. Klaus wants to be the one to kill his brother, but Elena and Jeremy are able to kill him first and Jeremy’s map is completed.

The climax of the season is when Shane takes Bonnie, Elena, Stefan, Damon, Jeremy, and Rebecca to a mysterious island where they know Silas is buried based off of Jeremy’s map. The entire group does not trust Shane and know he is creepy and dangerous, but they are all so desperate for the cure their judgment is clouded. We begin to see flashbacks from Shane’s past, in which visions of his deceased wife come to him and she explains that if Silas is freed, he can bring back the dead. She tells Shane what is needed in order to awaken Silas; he will need a vampire hunter, a descendent of the witch, Qetsiyah, who buried Silas with the cure, and three sacrifices of twleve. Qetsiyah created a cure to end immortality, and she buried Silas with this cure hoping he would take it. Qetsiyah’s descendants knew Silas never took the cure, so they used magic to create the five vampire hunters to eventually kill Silas should he ever be woken up.

professor shane the vampire diaries season 4
Professor Shane
Credit: The CW

It becomes clear that Shane has been planning to free Silas for a long time. Shane’s wife was a powerful witch who used Expression to bring awaken Silas in order to bring back their dead son; she wife died from using Expression while trying to free Silas. Shane manipulated Pastor Young into believing his death and the death of the Council members will be a sacrifice to help bring Silas back, and once Silas is alive they will come back from the dead. The second sacrifice occurred when Shane manipulated Klaus to murder twelve of his hybrids. The third sacrifice has not been completed.

While in the wilderness, Jeremy is taken by a mysterious man in the middle of the night. When the group realizes Jeremy is missing, they split up to go look for Jeremy. Bonnie stays at the camp and uses a locator spell to find him. She follows the spell and finds him with Shane and the mysterious man. All four of them go to the entrance of the tomb, but the mysterious man leaves after receiving payment from Shane. Bonnie doesn’t want to help Shane free Silas at this point, but Shane tells Bonnie if she hurts him, she will be hurt as well (as a consequence of Expression). Bonnie uses her power to take the magic out of Jeremy’s map and opens the tomb doors. The floor crumbles beneath their feet and the three of them fall down into the tomb. Shane breaks his leg in the fall and Bonnie and Jeremy leave him while they go look for Silas’ tombstone and the cure.