Varric is Less Hairy and a Lot More Beautiful in This Amazing Cosplay


Gamers were able to get acquainted with Varric Tethras in Dragon Age 2 — his fan following quickly growing. He’s a good story teller, jokes when you’re not suppose to — a trait I so happen to like, and adds a bit of flare to just about everything he does. Let’s not forget that he’s got a chest full of hair that men and women alike seem to swoon over. While some might have thought Varric’s witty remarks weren’t going to go farther than Dragon Age 2, then they were pleasantly surprised to see him appear in Dragon Age: Inquisition, allowing the dwarf’s legacy to continue.


Of course, gamers aren’t the only ones who have taken a liking to the character — cosplayers throwing fake, and sometimes real, chest hair on their chests as well as donning his infamous outfit, necklace included. However, some cosplayers like to become the dwarf too. Amongst them are Amie Lynn, a cosplayer who has put her own special twist on Varric. No longer does he openly bare chest hair for all to see — or at least it might be hidden better, seeing as her take on Varric has turned him into a woman. He’s gone from hairy to adorable in a matter of a cosplay and one can’t help but praise the wonderful job done.


Photography by Scott English Photo
Retouching by Saffels Photography




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