Virtual Reality For Xbox One May Have Been Leaked By E3 Website

It is currently just a rumor, but virtual reality may have just been accidentally leaked by the E3 website. While nothing has currently been confirmed, with the excitement currently surrounding virtual reality, it would make sense for Microsoft to jump on board.

On the official E3 website, the category labeled as “Virtual Reality > Xbox One,” was discovered by NeoGAF user “00ich”. Several companies, including Rebellion, Maximum Games, Readily Information Company, and 3DRudder, have listed that they will be showing products relating to Xbox One VR. It’s worth noting that Rebellion, Maximum Games, and 3DRudder are currently known to be working on VR games. Meanwhile, 3DRudder is making virtual reality peripherals, and Readily Information Company does not appear to be working on any virtual reality tech at all, meaning that the company may have something to reveal at E3.

This comes after the fact that rumors are circulating of a new Xbox One that will feature virtual reality support. A report from Ars Technica also revealed that a “well-known European studio” is currently working on “a new VR game” for Xbox One, with the title set in the same universe as an established franchise. While these are all just rumors right now, virtual reality is an exciting feature right now and it would make sense for Microsoft to want to capitalize on the hype.








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