The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 3 Recap "Isolation"

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 3 Recap: “Isolation”

It’s another zombtastic Sunday and all you kiddies know what that means…The Walking Dead! We’re filled with burning questions about what happened to Tyreese’s girlfriend and what’s going to come of people who carry this flu-like disease. If you haven’t been able to get to your DVR to watch this week’s episode, here’s a fully detailed recap that holds nothing back.

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This week’s episode starts with Glen digging graves for the fallen victims of cell block D. He looks over to Maggie, who is also digging graves. It then cuts to Hershel and another fellow pronouncing one of the sick dead. Rick, Daryl and Carol find Tyreese outside with the burnt bodies. He’s clearly upset with both the killing and the burning of Karen and David. He’s demanding Rick to find out who did this so he can deal with the perpetrator himself. Both Daryl and Rick try and help calm him down but Tyreese becomes violent. Rick retaliates with some punches right back. The look on Rick’s face is that of horror when he finds himself slipping back into his old feelings of aggression.

Hershel patches up Rick’s hand and tries to joke around with him, but Rick isn’t responding. Hershel asks if he’s okay since everything they were working for blew up in their faces. He tells Rick there’s a council meeting in the morning and Rick says he’s done enough damage. Hershel relates to Rick “falling off the wagon” but tells him he needs to keep on keeping on rather than dwelling on his mistakes.

Bob finds Tyreese angrily digging graves for Karen and David and offers medical help after the brawl. He refuses to leave until they’re both buried. Glenn and Hershel talk about the impending outbreak and whether or not they’re infected with it. They spot Sasha, who starts showing symptoms of the sickness. She walks away with a look on her face like she knows the sickness is going to kill her. She goes to find the other doctor and stagers into the cell with the other sick people. The doctor tells her it’s almost time to confess to how serious the sickness is.

The council meets to decide what to do about this sickness. Hershel suggests going to a pharmacy that no one else would have thought of raiding. Hershel volunteers to go but ends up offering a map for the ones who are two legged. He then says that it’s best to isolate the vulnerable, which are the younger ones. Carol and Rick have a brief discussion about Carl going into isolation before Rick finds Tyreese. He apologizes and Tyreese accepts it, saying it’s on both of them. Rick begins investigating into who might have killed Karen and David, speculating whoever done it tried to stop the spread of the sickness. Tyreese walks back towards the prison and sees a few more of the sick while Rick tries to calm Carl about going into isolation. Rick tells him not to do anything unless he absolutely has to which Carl seems to understand.

Glen starts showing symptoms of being sick while Daryl starts packing up for the run to the pharmacy. Michonne helps Daryl and he notes that he’s glad she’s around. They try and decide on who else they can ask to come along with the ass-kicking duo plus Bob. Daryl goes to find Tyreese, who is watching over the sick. Daryl promises to put down whoever burned Karen and David and notes that it’ll do him no good to stand guard if there’s no medicine to give. Tyreese doesn’t want to leave his sister so Daryl walks away with his offer still open.

Carl finds Hershel, who is heading out of the prison. Carl doesn’t want him going off and threatens to tell his dad and eventually says that he’s going with Hershel if he’s going to leave. Carol shuffles the ones showing symptoms into isolation and Lizzy finds her, complaining of the same symptoms the sick have. She wants to be tucked in by Carol but says Glen will do that for her, hinting that the original group knows Glen is sick. Carol breaks down at having to put Lizzy in isolation. Maggie talks to Beth, who is quarantined with Judith. She tells him about Glen being sick but Beth reminds her that they all have jobs to do with no time to be upset. Carl goes out in the woods with Hershel and he comments on Carl getting his gun back. He says it was good for him to step back and that he’s matured enough to get his gun back. Hershel says he sometimes thinks it’s safer outside the walls than in but Carl says they aren’t and points to a camp with an incredibly decrepit walker. It’s revealed to be the crazy lady from the first episode who tried to feed Rick to her undead husband. As Carl aims, Hershel tells him that he doesn’t have to shoot and Carl puts the gun down.

Tyreese tries to calm down Sasha, who is starting to lose it a little. He talks about the veterinary college that has the medicine and Sasha regains a little hope among her sickness. He goes to find Daryl and Bob and agrees to the run, most likely because of what is happening with Sasha. Carol is outside pumping water when Tyreese sneaks up on her. He asks her to look after Sasha and Carol is more than happy to help. Carol says her condolences for what happened to Karen but Tyreese doesn’t have a response. As Tyreese walks away, Carol loses it a smidge and cries while knocking over barrels of water.

Maggie is pretty peeved that Hershel isn’t in isolation but he knows that he can bring more help by risking his life than by staying in isolation. It’s then revealed that he was gathering berries in the woods that help cure flu symptoms. Rick comes along to try and help Maggie convince Hershel to go into isolation but Hershel makes an even stronger argument about doing what he can to help them. Maggie at first blocks his way but then sidesteps, knowing he’s right.

Beth and Maggie start talking again and Beth already knows what her dad was up to without Maggie even telling her. Beth continues to say that they don’t get to get upset but is obviously distraught about her dad. Rick hangs out at the crime scene, trying to figure out why someone would kill and burn David and Karen. He goes back into cop/investigator mode while Carol is outside trying to fix the water line. Rick eventually joins her and notices Carol outside the prison walls just as the walkers notice her as well. Rick runs to help her and more walkers come up behind her. Carol is saved in time by Rick and they both manage it get back behind the fence. Rick scolds her for doing the task before the next day when Carol comments that they might not have a tomorrow.

Daryl explains what he means by Michonne running off, hinting towards her finding the Governor. As the group drives, they hear a broadcast that’s jumbled up. He almost completely wrecks the car but stops as he drives into a huge herd of walkers. He backs up but gets stuck on the bodies. He tells them all to run for the woods and to not stop for anything. They aim for gaps while Tyreese stays in the car. He waits until the last possible second and gets surrounded. Tyreese goes to town and back and while the walkers are focuses on him, the others run into the woods. As they run, they keep encountering more and more walkers. They stop for moment to see Tyreese made it through the herd.

Back at the prison, Hershel gives the other doctor some tea with the berries in it. The doctor coughs blood on Hershel’s face, who then takes off the bandana he was breathing through. Hershel knows the doctor would be in isolation anyways, whether he was sick or not. He visits Glenn, who is starting to give up a little. Hershel continues to give hope to Glen. Rick catches up with Carol and asks her if she killed Karen and David and she says yes. Literally, that’s how this episode ends…

Isn’t it nice to have such an awesome story that could potentially last all season? Personally, it’s nice to have such a good story line that presents problems to overcome. Walking Dead is trucking along and going at a great pace that keeps us watching. Check back next Sunday for another recap of the The Walking Dead!



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