The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7 Recap "Dead Weight"

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: “Dead Weight”

Warning: Full spoilers ahead!

After last week’s Governor-centric episode of The Walking Dead, I was looking forward to getting back to the old prison group. After all, we still haven’t found out how Daryl will take the news that Carol has been voted off the island. Alas, this week’s episode, “Dead Weight” was again dedicated to the eyepatch-wearing exile, and brought more insight into what his next move might be.

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The episode opens with the Governor a.k.a. “Brian” hanging with Meghan at a new campsite doing laundry and having a nice little game of chess. The Governor calls her “pumpkin” and there is a definite father-daughter vibe going on here.

Flashback to the end of last week, where we had left off with the Governor and Meghan trapped in the walker pit, with Martinez pointing his gun at them. Martinez helps them out of the hole, but it’s clearly an awkward and tense reunion.

The scenes quick cut between the past and present. In the present, the Governor is hanging laundry and teaching Meghan some lessons about life and chess. Flashback to Martinez, who is unsure about whether to take in this “Brian” and his new group. Martinez has two new sidekicks – Pete and Mitch – who are less than enthusiastic about the additions to their group. Martinez tells the Governor that he is the one making the rules now, and, in so many words, the Governor agrees to follow. Back to the chess game, where Meghan tells the Governor it’s his turn. He ponders for a moment, then tells her “I’m thinkin”. The shot pans out to reveal both an RV and a tank. The big kind of tank.

The RV has a leaky roof and the Governor is upset about it, especially after experiencing the resort-like accommodations at Woodbury. He apologizes for the leak, but Lilly reassures him, “This camp is good. We’ll make it better”. Lilly wants to set up a nurse’s station for the camp, but they need more supplies.

The Governor, Martinez and the guys go on a supply run through the woods. They are looking for a survivalist’s cabin that will hopefully have some much needed supplies. On the way, the Governor spots a headless body tied to a tree, with a sign that reads “LIAR” tacked to its chest.

Nurse Lilly bandages a cut on Alicia’s hand while she chats with Tara. There is some obvious chemistry between Alicia and Tara, which should make things interesting moving forward.

The Governor, Martinez, Pete and Mitch come across a couple more bodies on their way to the cabin. One wears a “RAPIST” sign, and the other has a sign that reads “MURDERER.” They enter the dark, creepy cabin and are greeted by a couple of hungry walkers and the two zombified heads (presumably from bodies #1 and #2). The Governor takes out both walkers.

Back at the camp, the Governor and Martinez are having a fireside heart-to-heart. Martinez tells him that, if he had been alone in the hole, he wouldn’t have rescued him. He only rescued him because of the girl and the others. He asks if the Governor has changed, and he replies that he has. Over beers, Mitch gives “One Eye Bri” a little good-natured ribbing, and compliments him on his ability to “regulate”. Martinez agrees that the Governor has ice in his veins. The men talk of the past, and what their lives were like before.

Over lunch and beers, Lilly compliments Martinez on the camp, and tells him that this is the first time she’s felt safe in a long time. The Governor is clearly irked by her compliment, as well as by the smiling and laughing going on between them. Martinez talks about what they had before at Woodbury, and how he would like to get back to that. The RV roof is leaking again, and Martinez tells the Governor he needs to fix that. Continuing his afternoon of drinking, Martinez is hitting golf balls with the Governor as his caddy. Martinez confesses that he had to kill their old comrade, Shumpert. He tells the Governor that he will “try” to keep everyone safe. The Governor gives him a good whack with a golf club and tosses him into the pit of hungry walkers for an afternoon snack. And, just like that, our favorite villain is back.

The Governor is back at the RV, apparently crying and upset about a bad dream. In the morning, the men announce that they found “what was left” of Martinez in the pit. They assume that he got drunk and fell in. Pete takes over as temporary leader for the camp, which seems to actually have quite a few residents now. The camp resembles a low-budget, RV park version of Woodbury.

The men go on a hunt. Pete tells the Governor that he could use some help running the group. They come across a small group of survivors. One of the men wants to attack and steal their supplies, but Pete says no. They will find their own stuff. They only manage to find a few squirrels. On the way back, they see that the group has been murdered and their supplies already taken by another group. Mitch is upset that they didn’t take the supplies, since their deaths were going to happen anyway.

The Governor tells Lilly and Meghan to pack their things. They need to leave, because it isn’t safe at the camp. He tells Lilly, “I can’t lose you again.” The Governor, Lilly, Meghan, Tara and Alicia head out in the car, but are forced to turn back when they get to a mudslide on the road infested with waist-deep walkers.

Moving to Plan B, the Governor decides to stage a coup. He visits Pete’s RV for a talk, but cuts to the chase by killing him with a stab-choke maneuver. Next stop, Mitch’s RV. At gunpoint, the Governor tells Mitch that Pete is dead. He says that he is in charge now, and he will do whatever it takes to keep the camp safe. Mitch reluctantly agrees to go along, and they dump Pete in the river and agree to tell the others that Pete died on a supply run.

Back at the camp, the Governor is very clearly in charge, as he issues orders to the group and gives them each a job. In the RV, he tells Lilly that they may be able to find a better place, if they are willing to fight for it. Lilly tells him that they don’t need a better place. This is home.

Outside, Meghan wants to play hide and seek with Tara, who is on guard duty. Running through the camp, Meghan is chased under an RV by a hungry walker. Tara tries to pull the walker away, but he comes apart in her hands. The Governor arrives just in time to deliver a fatal headshot to the zombie.

Looking into the lake, the Governor sees zombie Pete emerging from its depths. This, coupled with the zombie attack on his substitute daughter, means that this camp is becoming increasingly less desirable. The Governor continues through the woods, and we see that he is spying on the prison. Carl and Rick are in the garden. Michonne and Hershel are having a friendly chat by the gate. He points a gun at Hershel and Michonne, and the episode ends.

If you were starting to feel warm and fuzzy towards Governor Brian after last week, “Dead Weight” probably took care of that. He now has new followers, an old RV, and a tank that we can already envision plowing through those flimsy chain link prison fences. Hey, at least he hasn’t found another fish tank yet.

The next episodes of “The Walking Dead” will bring the ultimate showdown between the prison group and the next-gen Woodburians. Who will win, and how many will be lost in next week’s mid-season finale? Let us know what you think in the comments below!