Sign the Dredd Sequel Petition

Want to Sign the Official “Dredd” Sequel Petition?

Dredd was a film that was believed to have huge potential to spice up the movie industry and, before the first one hit the big screens, they talked about how they would love to make a sequel. Unfortunately for the filmmakers of Dredd, the box office hit them with some heavy news. The film tanked.

Dredd may have bombed in theaters, but it has grown in popularity since the release of the Blu-ray/DVD. It is currently one of the highest-selling Blu-rays this year, so that has to show Lionsgate something.

To get the ball rolling on a sequel, the publishers of Judge Dredd have created a petition that they will send to Lionsgate in hope of making a sequel happen.

This petition is ready for your signature and already has over 10,000 other signatures to help its cause. You can even show more support by joining their Facebook page. So if you would like to see this sequel, make sure to voice your opinion!