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Warner Brothers Announces New Christopher Nolan Film for 2017

Christopher Nolan, now very much established with the success of The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception and Interstellar, has a new film slated for July 21st, 2017.

No details on the plot, premise or cast have been revealed, but we know it’s coming. I guess Nolan’s become such a well-received recognizable name in Hollywood that even the vague knowledge of his next film is a big event. Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy has made 2.45 billion dollars worldwide and Interstellar has made 673 million worldwide.

And, of course, with Batman V Superman coming out next year, Nolan’s and Christian Bale’s Batman will still be the foremost incarnation theater goers will compare the character to.

Do you expect Nolan to continue his recent streak of big idea sci-fi on the big screen? Let us know in the comments below.
Source: Variety

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